A written story of a persons life

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a written story of a persons life

Story Of My Life Quotes (89 quotes)

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The First 3 Steps To Writing Your Life Story

In actual fact, that is exactly what we all are; storytellers. By going about our day-to-day lives we are unwittingly writing our own stories. We create and develop plot lines, settings, and characters, which together make up the stories of our lives. So why is recording our stories such a daunting task? It is often down to an apparent lack of time and the fear of not knowing how. Read through a few of our other posts, like:. These should help clear up the majority of concerns and queries around the logistics of writing.

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Not just any old story, but the story of your life, the road map that got you to where you are today. I mean, why would anyone be interested in hearing our story anyway? I used to write fiction.
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The Rest is History

Many people have a story to tell. If you are just writing for your family, that story might be different than if you were writing your story to be read by the general public. If your life was a harsh one you may not want to include the real names of the people involved. You may also want to consider whether your life story could be written as fiction. Write down everything you can think of that you want to include in your life story.

It is called a Biography. A story that is told from one persons point of view and then past on to another person. A biography is written by one person the biographer about the life of another person. An Autobiography is an account of a person's life written by that person. If you write your own life story it is called an autobiography.

For love and honor? What drove me me to spend months doing nothing else but researching and writing the story of my father a few years ago was the notion that he was a man who lived a good, honorable life before it was cut short by cancer, raising his family without scandal or hurt; and for that, I thought, he deserved to be recognized. That was my why. And I said as much in the introduction to his story. Never would he have imagined that one day people would be reading about his life, but they did.

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  1. Fable - This is a short story, which teaches a lesson. It is often about animals that behave like people. Fairy Tale - This is a story involving fairies or about magic.

  2. As Marc Pachter, leader of the Washington Biography Group, puts it, an autobiography is a complete life—often but not always moving in a line from birth to fame—which may or may not be the author's inward journey.

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