This is the funeral of your life

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this is the funeral of your life

Funerals Quotes (76 quotes)

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Published 24.04.2019

Funeral Tears - Your Life My Death

Photo: Emilia Krysztofiak.

This is the Funeral of Your Life (2017)

Watch us facilitate your funeral in real time, in this live event featuring an actor, a dancer and a mezzo soprano. Find out who you really are. No really…You. Right in front of you. Like never before.

But moreso, the laughter is because of the humorous interplay between his persona — excitable and eager to get into the thick of death as it were — and that of fellow performer Lucy Miller , as she attempts to smooth and placate the audience and make the experience work. On the face of it, this play is neither a cheery nor a funny prospect. That it manages to be both funny and uplifting is an achievement. Director Louise White made this in response to the death and funeral of her father four years ago, a time both harrowing and life affirming, she writes in the programme. Yes, there is some crucial audience participation, though not obtrusively, and mostly for gentle comic effect. So the most evocative gesture is asking the audience to contemplate where, on a ribbon representing our life, we are now. This is elegant, dignified, skillfully put together by White and producer Joanna Crawley, and unexpectedly humorous.

Undertakers At Our Own Funeral. One that theatrically struts and frets its hour upon the stage, delivering some fine comic moments, but ultimately signifying a good deal less than it might have. Probably from cancer, or some other such fatal ailment. How we deal with this frail streamer we call life, and with our process of dying, all depends on how we see things. But its comic and tragic overtones never quite marry, with the former being far more successful than the latter. Efforts to get the audience to participate and assess themselves on a very basic level, or to call upon the superheroes that man our sinks, sandwiches, and kettles while the neighbours call to pay their respects, all flicker with a comic edginess that often engages and provokes. The image of Connaghton being pallbearered and laid out in funereal stillness, as the smell of incense floods the space, proves to be vividly powerful.

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