Why are they called irish twins

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why are they called irish twins

Irish Twins by Michele Cozzens

Anne Shields died at the age of 80. It happened while she was water-skiing. Her husband of fifty-four years, Michael, tried to revive her; however, it was no use. There was no return from a massive stroke to the brain stem. She passed in peace, and entered a new existence in a place called Ohr where her sister, Molly, greeted her with a cup of hot tea. Molly was her Irish Twin. Irish Twin is a slang term for two children born to the same mother within a twelve-month period. Its origin is uncertain, but its a decidedly derogatory term, which mocks the Irish Catholic cultures rejection of birth control methods. This is the story of not one, but two sets of Irish Twins-Anne and Molly- as well as Annes daughters, the Irish Twins Jennifer and Catherine. Also known as Jenny and Caylie, they are approaching middle age when their mother dies, and are left to face the world with many unanswered questions about a mother who left them far too quickly. Anne and Molly reunite in Ohr and Molly, the elder Irish Twin, guides Anne through her judgment. She witnesses her life and the lives of her surviving husband and five children through endless cups of tea, served to her by her sister. Anne is the heart and soul of this tale. Although she has passed away, she is very much present in the lives of her daughters. She keeps watch over Jenny and Caylie as well as her three additional children, and through her we learn a lot about being a sister, a wife, a parent, a friend. We learn not only about life . . . . . . but also about death.
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Learn all about Irish twins here - is the term offensive or all in good When someone mentioned 'Irish twins' it usually implied that the Around here, siblings born within a year of each other are sometimes called Irish twins.
Michele Cozzens

Irish Twins Are Siblings Born Less Than a Year Apart

Irish twins can name actual twins … who are Irish. As a slang term, however, Irish twins dates back to at least the s. Early instances appears in American newspapers, suggesting the term coincides with the rise of Irish immigration to the US during the Great Famine—and xenophobic attitudes toward the newly arrived immigrants. The expression comes from the stereotype that Irish families have a lot of children and have them close together. Since the 19th century, Irish twins has gone on to describe any siblings, whether they are Irish or not, born less than a year apart, give or take.

Irish twins are not technically twins, meaning two people born from the same gestational period. It's a colloquial way to classify siblings that are born close.
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Irish triplets are when three children are born to the same mother within three years. Or, alternatively, a mother births a child in August of , becomes pregnant again in October and gives birth to another child in July of A more updated term would be closely spaced siblings or close-in-age siblings. Those terms have the advantage of not bringing up the question as to whether the siblings are really twins. Irish twins are not technically twins , meaning two people born from the same gestational period.

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