Only god can judge me scripture

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only god can judge me scripture

Scripture Quotes (422 quotes)

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Published 27.04.2019

Only God Can Judge Me - Rick Bezet

What does only God can judge me mean?

Only God Can Judge Me

The idea is that no one should have the right to make a judgment on anyone else. I have seen this statement tattooed on people and stuck to car bumpers. I have heard it spoken by Hip Hop superstars in interviews. Whenever I hear this spoken, the person usually refers to a particular Bible verse found in Matthew 7. When this verse is read, to the exclusion of the rest of scripture, it seems to have proved the point.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

So I try to be careful with my words, and simply point to what God says, rather than my own opinions. You conveniently skipped over that verse, huh? This may be the most well known Bible verse in our day. And it may also be the most misunderstood. Last weekend, my wife and I attended a marriage workshop at our church.

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