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first appearance of rocket raccoon value

Rocket Raccoon & Groot, Vol. 2: Civil War II by Nick Kocher

(After Rocket Raccoon, Groot and guest starring Gwenpool got their ass handed to them in a fight with the villain)
Rocket: Owwww. Still think were in a comic book?
Gwenpool: No. youre right. Were not in a comic book. Im sure my costume just happened to rip in such a way that its hiding ONLY the r-rated part. This pervert writer! You know, this type of thing promotes a culture of actual violence towards actual women...
Rocket: Whatever. Bye crazy lady. Its been terrible.

*** *** *** ***

Rocket: Gwen! Lets go!
Gwenpool: Im not going.
Rocket: Come on! That lunatics going to kill Captain Marvel!
Gwenpool: No, hes not.
Rocket: What do you mean, hes not?!
Gwenpool: Because theyre NOT gonna kill Captain Marvel in a comic book starring Squirrel and the Talking Tree!
Rocket: What??
Gwenpool: All right, look. Theres literally a war between superheroes going on right now. And were in Georgia doing stuff completely unrelated to all of that. So who do you thinks writing this? Its probably some nobody writer whos just starting out.
And do you honestly think theyre gonna let some sad freelancer kill off CAPTAIN MARVEL? One of their biggest characters?! Yeah right. If anybodys getting killed off, its gonna be one of us. Sorry but no thanks. Im staying put.

Groot: ... ... I am Groot?

(Gwen to the readers)
Sorry to destroy the dramatic tension there, folks, but youve gotta be thinking the same thing. Theres no way this low-level writer has any authority to kill a major superhero.

(Gwen notices Kitty Pryde walking nearby)
Gwenpool: Holy... are you Kitty Pryde?!
Kitty: Uh... yeah.
Gwenpool: What are you doing here?
Kitty: Im... actually Im not totally sure why Im here.
Gwenpool: Oh @$#! Is %&@$ BENDIS writing this?
Kitty: Whats a Bendis?
Gwenpool: Bendis. Brian Michael Bendis. Hes like a big deal comic book writer. He uses tons of quippy word bubbles and panels and I think he has, like, an unhealthy obsession with you. AND HED TOTALLY HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO KILL CAPTAIN MARVEL!
Kitty: ... ... So youre like a crazy person?

(Gwen at the airport ticket counter)
I need a ticket for whatever flight The Tree and Squirrel are on! And hurry up, Brian Michael Bendis is about to kill off Captain Marvel!!

*** *** *** ***

So, yeah, pure nonsensical fluff, but also pure FUN. Made me laugh out loud more than a couple of times. Thats gotta be counted for something, right?
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The Origin And History Of Rocket Raccoon

Know Your Guardians – Rocket Raccoon

I went to the local shop and picked up the trade for Legacy , the first volume and was stunned to see Drax the Destroyer , Gamora , Star-Lord and a few other space-bound characters that I knew. But the thing that floored me the most was at the bottom left corner, the furry, gun-toting ball of fuzz named Rocket Raccoon. The issue stuck in my mind not only for the tiny hero, but also because it was the only comic I ever saw lose value from the cover price. The Hulk issue was not his first appearance though. After his appearance with the Hulk, Rocket Racoon got his own four-issue mini-series drawn by Mike Mignola and made guest appearances in Quasar and She-Hulk before finally joining the Guardians.

Rocket Raccoon first appearance: Hulk or Marvel Preview 7 However, as more collectors and investors realise the value of Hulk
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On the outer fringes of the city, the Queens neighborhood—first developed as a beach resort for vacationing city dwellers—is now a collection of beaten down homes and grim apartments, under the flight path of s leaving nearby JFK airport for more attractive destinations. As I arrived, 30 members of a motorcycle gang were revving their engines in front of the building. They were visiting a fallen brother on his birthday. Mantlo was one of the many comic creators who toiled in obscurity, cranking out page stories for cent comics. The sequel, out in the US today, is already set to be one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

Rocket Raccoon was a four-issue comic book limited series that was published in and featuring the eponymous character. All covers by Mignola and Gordon. The series took place on half world where Rocket and his anthropomorphic allies fought killer clowns with lethal juggling balls and deadly unicycles and who spoke in a stilted language full of alliteration and rhyme. This series was reprinted as backup stories in the s Transformers Marvel UK series. In November, , the Rocket Raccoon limited series was reprinted in the Annihilation Classic books.

Carl Potts published the first mini-series featuring the character Rocket Raccoon, nearly ten years after the gun-toting raccoon first appeared in the Marvel Universe in It took thirty years, but Potts was finally vindicated. Potts spoke about his experiences overseeing Marvel publications while he was at The Banff Centre last week as part of the two-day Story Summit. Though as an editor, Potts helped direct the course of several much-loved superheroes. I just considered it part of the job.

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