I m an awful person

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i m an awful person

Bad Person Quotes (17 quotes)

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Published 28.04.2019

I'm A Bad Person

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You know those people who just seem to bring bad vibes about them wherever they go? If they were in a movie — they would definitely be portrayed as the villain, albeit one of those extremely hot villains with an insanely good wardrobe dammit. So there you have it, if you ticked one or more of these, you may need to ask yourself, are you actually just a really bad person? And if so, please, for humanity, do something about it. I feel guilty not obeying the things I have to do.

I am a bad seed. I make myself sick. I ruin everything. Do you try to escape and numb-out from feeling like a bad person through the use of food, alcohol, drugs, overwork, or overuse of technology? Do you punish yourself for being bad through self-harming behaviors and poor choices in your relationships? Do these behaviors then confirm that you are a bad person, and lead you in a viscous cycle of badness?

I used to be able to distinguish a clear sense of who I was versus what the depression was. I saw myself as a kind, caring, sensitive, capable, smart and an overall good person who struggled with depression. For months, I felt guilty and as though I was a terrible human being. This really took a toll on me. I was told I rely on my friends too much and that I should instead call hotlines instead. What I first had to realize was these reactions to my depressive episodes were not OK.

Below, we take a look at the 23 signs that you’ve gone from being a badass to just a bad person…

Have you ever felt like a bad person? - I literally have nothing or no one and I just feel so alone.

I have carefully created an empty life, devoid of deep connections. I float from one hedonistic experience to the next, drugged and sexed to general contentment, but when the sharp pain of loneliness strikes spontaneously like some terrible toothache, I realize there is no one for me to turn to, that I am alone and miserable. I do this to myself. It becomes clear to women that I am dangerous. I am too critical of everything and everyone, myself included. The future will only bring pain, my compulsions slowly wearing down your insecurities.



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