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andy kaufman saturday night live

Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts! by Lynne Margulies

“...Hilarious...You couldnt write better insults than these if you tried, and its easy to understand why Kaufman just couldnt let them go.”—Pop Candy for USA Today

“It is not just the letters that help to make Dear Andy Kaufman a complete success. The grainy graphics and often hilarious images ultimately tie the entire book together, making it something heftier than a coffee table book but no less engaging to thumb through.”—LAist

“Collecting hundreds of angry letters written to the provocative star of Taxi and SNL, the coffee table-style book Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts! is a suitably ironic love letter to the oft-misunderstood comedian.”—Flavorpill

“Andy saved and organized all of the letters and photos he received and now his widow, Lynn Margulies, has released them as the exact sort of book you would want to own.”—Vice
Famous for his role as Latka Gravas on televisions Taxi and for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and his own variety show, the legendary eccentric performer Andy Kaufman provoked a national outrage in 1977 by taunting the women of America and challenging them to wrestle him live on television. Taking on an aggressive and ridiculous personality based upon the characters invented by professional wrestlers, he offered a $1,000 reward to any woman who could pin him.

Thousands of fired-up females (and a few males) responded to the call, and Kaufman received a torrent of impassioned challenges, hate mail, and love letters from would-be wrestling contenders.

These fascinating and sometimes bizarre handwritten letters, photographs, and illustrations from would-be contenders are here assembled into an astonishing Rorschach of the late ‘70s liberated female psyche.

Kaufman’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Lynne Margulies, provides an introduction. Bob Zmuda, Kaufman’s cohort and longtime friend, writes the foreword.
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Andy Kaufman Does Elvis Presley

When Andy Kaufman Lost It on Live Television

Words by: Felicity Martin. Delivering hooks in indie-rapper sadboy fashion, he laces jazzy, languid beats inspired by Norwegian folk music with his native tongue. Well, somebody in a forum compared him to Andy Kaufman, and said that he might just be trolling everybody. He pretended to make TV shows in his room when he was a kid, and got his father to watch as he invited guests, sang, made jokes and hosted the show all together. He made the audience feel awkward, weird, and some times even mad, just for the fuck of it.

While often called a comedian, Kaufman described himself instead as a "song and dance man". The comedian's promise is that he will go out there and make you laugh with him My only promise is that I will try to entertain you as best I can. After working in small comedy clubs in the early s, Kaufman came to the attention of a wider audience in , when he was invited to perform portions of his act on the first season of Saturday Night Live. His Foreign Man character was the basis of his performance as Latka Gravas on the hit television show Taxi from until

Kaufman performs his Mighty Mouse routine on Saturday Night Live. Andrew Geoffrey "Andy" Kaufman (January 17, – May 16, ) was an American.
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After showing the tape of the wrestling match in which Andy was injured, Andy apologizes to all he may have offended over the years. Saturday Night Live. Also available on the NBC app After showing the tape of the wrestling match in which Andy was injured, Andy apologizes to all he may have offended over the years.

On Friday, February 20, , Andy Kaufman sat down in a fake restaurant, delivered scripted lines, paused, and then shook himself out of character. The other actors—including future Seinfeld co-star Michael Richards—looked confused; the audience hollered. On live television, Kaufman went on to say he felt the sketch about a pair of stoned couples dining out was lame and ineffectual. Kaufman retorted by tossing water. Someone threw butter.

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