I love mommy so much

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i love mommy so much

I Love My Mommy by Giles Andreae

I Love My Mommy is an incredibly sweet and cute book. This book is perfect for very young children with short attention spans, because both the text and illustrations are very simple. Being told from the perspective of the baby (or toddler), children will be able to relate to the events in the story or even point out things that they do with their mommy too. The simple text, illustrations, and soft pastel colors even give the story a very pleasant, warm feeling.

With that being said, I feel the need to explain why I gave it only 3 stars instead of 4. First of all, there is NO plot whatsoever. Yes, there are events, but all of them are events which could be told in any order if it wasnt for the rhyming. Why I personally think its a cute book, Im concerned that it would be boring to older children. However, it IS the perfect for parents to read to babies or toddlers because of the simplicity and sweetness of it all. I also have to give this book 3 stars because I think the audience is too specific and would not reach a wide audience. For example, the story only includes mommy (but no daddy, partner or grandparents?) and speaking as a childrens librarian, again, I think the parents are more likely to pick this up than the children.
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Every mother is special and unique, and she deserves to know how much her sons and daughters love her.
Giles Andreae

I Love My Mommy

She quietly left Israel temporarily I hope with her new husband and returned to Philadelphia where she had previously lived for over 50 years. The city I was born and raised in has welcomed my mom home with open arms. But it doesn't mean these arms don't miss her and long to hug her. Especially on a day that means so much. So to honor my 10, mile away mamma I thought I'd share some memories based on the pictures I have access to in Israel my library of albums is slightly limited from aliyah.

Prev Poem. Next Poem. If it wasn't for my mom I never would have made it in my life. I have always been a daddy's girl and wrote this to let my mom know how I really appreciate and love her even if it seemed I didn't. Mommy, I love you More than you see. You have always been there When I needed you to be.

Second place sounds like a win … until it refers to parenting. It's fairly common for children to single out one parent and shy away from the other. Sometimes, they even dig their heels in and refuse to let the other parent run the bath, push the stroller, or help with the homework. Kids form strong attachments to their primary caregivers, and many times, that means that Mommy gets all of the attention, while Daddy feels like the third wheel. Rest easy if you're the one on the outside looking in — these attachments do change over time — and there are steps you can take to build the attachment.

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Before I became a mother, I didn't understand why any woman would choose to take on the role of parent. All I heard was how exhausting, frustrating, and all-around difficult it is to be a mom. Women were quick to tell me that they never slept, they barely showered, and they felt like they were drowning under the constant pressures and obligations that come with raising a child.



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