What to do to forget someone you love

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what to do to forget someone you love

Forgetting Quotes (332 quotes)

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How To Forget Someone You Love - How To Move On From The Past - Mayuri Pandey

You heart might stop yearning and your dreams no longer be haunted, then one day you might even be convinced you are done with missing and your wounds all healed.

How to Forget Someone You Love: 10 Important Rules

Want to know how to forget about someone? Right now, you probably have the idea that being able to forget someone especially someone who you really love takes a lot of mental strength. Afterall, this person probably keeps popping into your mind during the day and it seems like you have no control over this. You do not need mental strength to forget someone. Instead you simply need to know how to correctly focus your mind. To make an analogy, imagine a sailor at sea with no training on how to use the sail.

Whether you've just broken up with a significant other or suffered a full-blown divorce, separating from someone you loved is never easy. At times, it may feel like you'll never be happy again — that this person was your one chance in life for feeling loved and now they're gone. Don't give into these thoughts. The truth is that with positivity, patience, and determination, you can always work your way out of the darkness of a romantic split. If you want to forget the one you loved deeply, throw away things that remind you of them, such as gifts they gave you or possessions they left behind.

Not everything in life goes the way we want them to go and there are some times when you have to know how to forget someone you love. At times, it may seem like the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. To be able to forget someone you love, when loving them is not an option anymore, is actually the healthy path to take, to let go of what's holding you back so that you can move on. Whether it is someone you have lost or someone who have moved away from you - the separation can be equally painful. If you want to know how to forget someone you love, you need to mourn the person first. Forcing them out of your mind so that you don't have to think about them is not the healthy way to approach acceptance. Rather, you have to give yourself adequate time to mourn their absence and grieve for them - that's the initial step to forgetting someone, to remember them first.

Breaking ties with someone is never easy, especially if you still love them. You can do this with old letters, photos, or clothing, for instance.
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How to forget someone you love By Sandeep Maheshwari-Hindi

Show less Breaking ties with someone is never easy, especially if you still love them. However, with time, patience, and a few healthy coping strategies, you can move on and find happiness again. Start by removing the person from your life, both by eliminating contact and taking down reminders. Then you can work on letting go of the hurt and moving on.


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  1. You can love someone else deeply for a time but have that love come to . How do we forget memories which come in mind again and again?.

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