I love him to the moon and back

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i love him to the moon and back

Barefoot: Escape On The Underground Railroad by Pamela Duncan Edwards

With a taut, involving narrative and dramatic, shadow-filled full-spread art, the creators of Some Smug Slug and Livingstone Mouse transport youngsters onto the overgrown path that an escaping slave stealthily follows one evening. The sound of the young mans racing heart is almost audible as Edwards describes his desperate predicament: He was fearful of what lay before him. He was terrified of what lay behind. But the man has allies in the underbrush, creatures that perceive him as the Barefoot (in contrast to the Heavy Boots who come in angry pursuit). A frog signals the presence of water, which quenches the Barefoots thirst; a scurrying squirrel turns his eye to a blanket of leaves under which he naps; a deer diverts a crew of Heavy Boots away from this hiding place; and fireflies light the way to the safe house ahead. The vigilant eyes of these deftly rendered creatures peer out from Coles haunting paintings, cleverly skewed to invoke the animals ground-hugging perspective on the Barefoots flight.
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Savage Garden To the moon and back with lyrics!!.flv

I love you to the moon and back D.M you are the love of my life and i always want you to know that you are my universe it's self you spin round and round deep in.
Pamela Duncan Edwards

I Love You to the Moon and Back

She thought it was the cutest thing she'd ever heard and had to share it with the world. I don't know if this term of endearment originated with her son, but as an artist, I couldn't get the imagery of it out of my mind. Would the moon be crescent shaped or full? And how does one get to the moon and back? On an airplane? A rocket ship?

I recently overheard a family member of mine tell her husband that she "loved him to the moon and back. There are a couple different ways to quantify that, are we measuring distance or time? Both have valid applications, let's start with distance. If we use distance, she would be saying that she loves him the distance to the moon and back. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense so we would have to turn that distance into time. Don't confuse this time with the time measurement I mentioned earlier In this example we will calculate how long it will take an average person to normally travel the same distance it would take to get to the moon.

or love you to the moon and back

Why the moon? Why not the sun? Why not some planet such as Pluto or Mars? Actually, apparently Pluto got demoted and is now considered a dwarf planet, but that is beside the point…. I guess I just do not understand why it is that specific distance. The moon is, on average, , miles away. So technically people are saying they love you , miles the distance to the moon and back.

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