Love yourself just the way you are

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love yourself just the way you are

Quote by Miguel Ruiz: “Imagine that you love yourself just the way you...”

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Published 05.05.2019

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Love Yourself Just the Way You Are

We love to bang on about accepting yourself as you are, and loving your gorgeous self for the wondrous shiz it can do. And then we asked Cassie to talk to us about just how we can look past the perfections of social media, stop comparing, and just get on with living our happy lives. I agree that societal pressures are different on women these days, but I also think that we, as women, place so much pressure on ourselves. Yes, and no. I think social media can be so wonderful in how it connects us, and in how we can learn from it and expand our reach, but if we place too much emphasis or power in it and spend too much time using it without connecting in real life, or by comparing ourselves to others on it, then I feel it becomes a bit unhealthy. I think spending less time on social media is probably a good start, and just ensuring you spend time connecting with people you love in the real world too. Through her writing, online courses and guides, private sessions and social media presence she helps them increase their self-belief, elevate their thoughts and align their energy.

Loving yourself just the way you are doesn't mean that you give up on improving yourself. Rather, it means that you understand and feel that.
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Oftentimes we love others, but forget to love ourselves. Loving yourself is a must if you want to live a successful and happy life. Forgive yourself and move on. Let bygones be bygones. Respect yourself and others will respect you too. Your body deserves a better treatment as well as your spirit and your mind in general.

Some people are scared that accepting themselves the way they are means they will stop trying to become someone better. You stop holding on to limiting beliefs and bad behaviors that you have acquired by being someone that you are not, and you become more capable of living in alignment with what you really love, want, and desire in life. Life feels more fun and rewarding, and you start to take action on creating the type of life that you want. In other words, the benefits of accepting yourself just the way you are HUGE. It is something worth doing, starting today.

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  1. I believe that connecting deeply with ourselves and each other creates the space to be with the truth of who we are and what we need to support us in our growth.

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