The answer is always love

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the answer is always love

Quote by Louise L. Hay: “the love is always the answer to healing of any...”

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Published 09.05.2019

SIEDAH GARRETT The Answer's Always Love

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I used to think that love was the answer. Love is supposed to make you feel tingly all over, smile more and cry less. Oh sure, it can make you forget about those things for a while, but eventually you find yourself facing the same problems with different people and wishing for different results. Chances are that if a person deals with anger or frustration by withdrawing, no matter how many times you tell them that you want and need a relationship with open communication, you are going to end up angry and frustrated yourself. There have been times in my life when I thought I had things all figured out, when I thought that what I wanted and what I needed were one and the same. There have been times when my instincts were right on the money and other times when I look back and wonder what the heck I could have been thinking. We all make mistakes or have errors in judgment, but as American psychiatrist and author Theodore Isaac Rubin once said: "I must learn to love the fool in me: The one who feels too much; talks too much; takes too many chances; wins sometimes and loses often; lacks self-control; loves and hates; hurts and gets hurt; promises and breaks promises; laughs and cries.

It is, however, based on our mindset, our thoughts, and our actions and when we change these we completely transform our lives. It chatters away at us nonstop. Do you know the voice I am referring to? Day after day… it answers every question we ask ourselves. It especially loves answering the stupid questions we ask ourselves…. Our little voice is our ego.

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The lyrics for the video above, L. - My grandmother was dying. This much I knew and was at peace with.

We all need Love and we all have Love to give. Love exists in many forms and is expressed in countless ways. Every act of kindness is love in action. As is each prayer, meditation, and positive thought you have. Feeling overwhelmed by all the problems in the world and wondering what you can do?



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  1. What does it take to truly embody Love in our lives, with our choices, with our actions, with our words, with our gestures, with our continuous living breath of surrender?

  2. Because I understand what grief looks like — and have recently been going through my own grieving and spiritual up-leveling, I listen.

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