Difference between love and worship

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difference between love and worship

Worship Quotes (1291 quotes)

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We should take care of ourselves as we age. Here , here , here , and here.

Worship VS Praise – Is There Difference?

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I have been traveling around the US quite a bit recently. Worship—When most people think of worship, they think of the first part of a church service on a Sunday where people stand together and sing a few songs or hymns! The Bible characterizes worship very differently. Worship is born from a place of knowing who God truly is: His nature, His character, and His ways. I will expound on this in a later blog. Every part of the Christian life, every single moment, is consecrated to God. We should worship God in everything that we do.

You have probably heard the following descriptions drawing a distinction between praise and worship. Praise is about God, worship is to God. Praise is opening up, worship is entering in.
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The Difference between Worship and Praise

When I get to heaven I will worship Him before His throne. I see myself in heaven as face down before Him in His holiness and majesty. Right now I can love Him and get up close and personal with Him. Uniquely…I have the Holy Spirit living inside me and this gives me an advantage in being one with God and the ability to know Him. I take full advantage of this too. I interact with God on a few different levels which I will share with you:.

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  1. Speaking from a Christian perspective I will try to explain the differences and occasions when one corresponds to the other. Worship is the art.

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