John bunyan journey to hell

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john bunyan journey to hell

Journey to Hell by John Bunyan

John Bunyan portrays one mans lifelong journey to hell and what we can do to avoid the same fate. What words will you hear on the Day of Judgment: Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire (Matthew 25:41 NKJV), or Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you (Matthew 25:34 NKJV)? Dont delay. Learn now how you can be ready to enter the eternal City of God.

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Visions of Heaven and Hell by John Bunyan (author of 'Pilgrim's Progress')

Millions have read The Pilgrim's Progress and received inspiration for their Christian walk. Now, you can follow another manMr.
John Bunyan

Journey to Hell

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John Bunyan was born in Elstow, England, in November Two times his life was spared, once when he was in the.
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Good and thought provoking and rather convicting book by the Great preacher and writer of Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan. I didn't entirely agree with the use or application of all the biblical passages. Both my younger son and I have read, learned, and re-learned valuable lessons from what Bunyan observed and wrote nearly years ago.

A By-Way to Hell Then I saw in my dream, that the Shepherds had them to another place, in a bottom, where was a door in the side of a hill, and they opened the door, and bid them look in. They looked in, therefore, and saw that within it was very dark and smoky; they also thought that they heard there a rumbling noise as of fire, and a cry of some tormented, and that they smelt the scent of brimstone. Then said Christian, What does this mean? The Shepherds told them, This is a by-way to hell, a way that hypocrites go in at; namely, such as sell their birthright, with Esau; such as sell their master, with Judas; such as blaspheme the gospel, with Alexander; and that lie and dissemble, with Ananias and Sapphira his wife. Then said Hopeful to the Shepherds, I perceive that these had on them, even every one, a show of pilgrimage, as we have now; had they not? Hopeful: How far might they go on in pilgrimage in their day, since they notwithstanding were thus miserably cast away? Then said the Pilgrims one to another, We have need to cry to the Strong for strength.

John Bunyan — was born in Elstow, England, and his life was spared twice in his early years, something he believed God had done for a special purpose. In November , when Bunyan arrived to preach in the little town of Lower Samsell, he was informed that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Unwilling to denounce his Christian faith and his calling to the ministry, he was imprisoned for twelve years. Among the many writings he published during Read More John Bunyan — was born in Elstow, England, and his life was spared twice in his early years, something he believed God had done for a special purpose. After his release, he continued to write and publish stirring works that have endured through time. He specializes in New Testament studies with a focus on the Gospels and historical Jesus research.

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  1. Journey to Hell [John Bunyan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Millions have read The Pilgrim s Progress and received inspiration for their .

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