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it could happen to you movie

It Could Happen to Us: Quotable Romance by Lucy McConnell

An irresistible contemporary romance about a not-so-humble cop who splits his raffle ticket with an unlucky waitress and the actor who falls in love with her.

Allie Laurel Gray never wins anything. That’s why she’s shocked when a police officer returns with a winning raffle ticket to have lunch with baseball player Anthony Green and actors Mark Dubois and Beau Aikin. The prize includes a night at a hotel and since Allie’s apartment is being fumigated—again!—she agrees to go. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have lunch with three beautiful men?

Overwhelmed and a bit intimidated by the guys, Allie tries to keep a low profile. But Mark DuBois will not let her slip by unnoticed—in fact, he notices everything about her and Allie is quickly charmed by his gentle kindness.

Luck, especially Allie’s luck, can’t hold on forever and she’s soon forced to make a choice between her heart and saving Mark’s reputation so he can gain custody of his daughter.

Winning the lottery was easy compared to winning at love.
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It Could Happen To You

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It is the story of New York City police officer Cage who wins the lottery and splits his winnings with a waitress Fonda. This basic premise was inspired by a real-life incident. Isaac Hayes has a role as undercover reporter and photographer Angel Dupree, while also being the film's narrator. The film was remade in Hindi as Bade Dilwala , which was released in and in Telugu as Bahumati in His wife, Muriel Rosie Perez , works at a hair salon and, unlike him, is greedy, materialistic, and selfish, constantly complaining about their situation in life. Charlie meets her when she waits on him at the diner where she works.

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Forgot your password? Don't have an account?, The real people behind the lotto premise of ''It Could Happen to You''. It did happen to them, but not quite the way the movie depicts.

Released in the week the national lottery is launched in this country, this takes as its starting point the true story of a New York policeman who gave a waitress half his state lottery ticket in lieu of a tip and thus split a multi-million dollar win. Cage is Charlie, a good, decent, ordinary Boy Scout in blue, inexplicably hitched to avaricious, vulgar nag Murial Perez. Lacking change in a coffee shop one day he promises to return with half his lottery ticket for weary, down-on-her-luck waitress Yvonne Fonda. Inevitably the wife goes ballistic, and turns conniving in between spending sprees and redecorating their humble abode in the worst possible taste. And just as inevitably, the do-gooding duo are clearly meant for each other from the word go, skipping around town, treating deprived tykes, raggedy tramps and such like. The result never comes close to being hilarious, merely cute in the corniest way.

The title was initially A Name for Herself. Lemmon had a contentious meeting with studio boss Harry Cohn , who feared that critics might use jokes about the name "Lemmon" in headlines panning the film. He wanted Lemmon to change his name. Lemmon countered that if he did that, people might confuse his name with " Lenin " and associate his name with communism, a very real concern in the s. The script, by Garson Kanin , is about an apparently naive young woman named Gladys Glover, who yearns for fame. He is a maker of documentaries apparently equipped only with a handheld 16mm camera.

Or maybe you didn't. But it's the kind of story you easily could have read about, and if you had read it, you'd probably think, "Jeez, why didn't this happen to me? The movie is about a cop named Charlie Nicolas Cage , who orders coffee for himself and his partner in a greasy spoon, and has enough for the coffee but not for a tip. So he tells the waitress, named Yvonne Bridget Fonda that he'll give her half of winnings if the lottery ticket in his billfold is a winner. But it isn't that simple to Charlie's wife, Muriel Rosie Perez.

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  1. It Could Happen to You is a American romantic comedy-drama film starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda. It is the story of New York City police officer.

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