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can t buy me love movie online

Cant Buy Me Love by Abigail Drake

Seven romantic tales of love where royalty, celebrities, and passion meet. A case of mistaken identity, protecting the one you love, or proving you aren’t all about the money...these tales will entice and thrill.

A Royal Pain by Abigail Drake
Getting shot in the bottom saving a visiting royal turns out to be the best thing to happen to, impoverished socialite, Chloe Burkhart in a long time, especially when the prince’s very handsome, very sexy bodyguard, Nicolai, comes to her aid.

Caught by Him by Tammy Mannersly
Blockbuster movie actor, Brody Nash doesn’t quite know what to make of the gorgeous woman precariously perched on his neighbor’s gate, but as they start to get to know each other better, he begins to wonder if she might just be the one for him.

Romancing the Princess by Bridie Hall
A commoner, Sebastian, and Princess Alixandra are set to get married until he begins to wonder if fitting in with royalty is worth sacrificing his principles. Love rules all. Or does it?

All My Memories by Grea Warner
The possibility of reconnecting with an unrequited love leads country music star Finn Murphy on a journey of memories in this special prequel to the Country Roads series.

Me and Tillie by Lisa Hahn
1950s musical film star Oren Cooper returns to Broadway to find new inspiration. Unexpectedly, that inspiration comes in the form of Tillie Parker—his childhood friend’s little sister and an up-and-coming ingénue.

Defending Demma by Melissa Kay Clarke
When faced with an unsavory past, can Demma St. John, rising new starlet, trust ex-Marine Ryker Digger McMillan with her secrets and her heart?

His Royal Typeface by Stephanie Keyes
When all is lost, love can be found. Will Prince Asher Tarringtons unique font design be enough to salvage a royal family and set the tone for true love?
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Can't Buy Me Love Review

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Patrick Dempsey is far too attractive to be a campus geek. These two minor quibbles aside, Can't Buy Me Love gets into it's stride fairly quickly, picking it's way past the remains of fallen campus movies that have gone before it. Nice performances, a useful script and a dignified ending all boost this film's appeal, but it is the workable simplicity of the premise that really does it. Popularity is exchanged as easily as the cash that poker-playing nerd Ronald Dempsey can front, and his one-month quest to be somebody gradually goes sour without him noticing. The girl he has pined after for so long pales beside his newfound status as he wallows in the sycophancy and fickle allegiance of his peers.

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For that fee, Cindy, the head cheerleader, pretends to date Ronald, who is so out of it he can't sit at the same lunch table as Cindy's friends. A little hair mousse, a few oversized jackets and nearness to Cindy make Ronald the senior-class ''heartbreaker,'' all in one short month. Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson are appealing as these star-crossed yuppies: his cool-guy reputation grows, and he abandons his loyal, misfit old friends; she turns out to be a closet poet who values individuality. Though eventually they're saddled with preachy lines about being true to yourself - no irony here, the film just wags its finger and tells us money can not buy you love - Ronald is more likely to say, ''I realize what a jerk I became. This not-quite-outrageous premise is nearly believable and sometimes charming, so the film is just like a dozen others about who asks whom to the prom. Michael Swerdlick, the writer, and Steve Rash, the director best remembered for ''The Buddy Holly Story'' and forgotten for the Chevy Chase flop ''Under the Rainbow'' , waste a chance to make the much deeper, funnier movie that strains to break through.

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