Old world war 2 movies list

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old world war 2 movies list

World War II Fiction (972 books)

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Published 25.05.2019

TOP 10 - World War II Films

The best World War 2 movies remind us that perhaps no single event has had a greater impact on the future of filmmaking than World War II. It arrived at the dawn of a new era in glossy, professional mainstream filmmaking, and it affected literally every facet of daily life in North America, Europe and Asia, where most of the world's films were being produced.
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The 20 Best World War II Movies Ever Made

A complicated love affair erupts amid the Nazi invasion of Stalingrad in this celebrated Russian film. Four brothers join Russian resistance fighters in the Eastern-European woods, slowly building camps of Jewish refugees. A Jewish singer goes undercover for the Dutch resistance in order to infiltrade the Nazi headquarters in Netherlands. A prisoner in Auschwitz saves the body of a young boy from the crematorium in this intense depiction of morality and spiritual survival. George C. Scott gives a tour-de-force performance as the complex and controversial general George S.

Graeme Ross sticks his head above the parapet The film world has, of course, brought us many depictions of the Normandy landings and the subsequent battles. D-Day veterans served as consultants, and one of the stars, Richard Todd, saw action in Normandy as part of Operation Overlord. He ruthlessly and dispassionately sets about restoring morale, but eventually falls prey to the same syndrome. Audience manipulation at its zenith, thanks to a brilliant cast headed by Lee Marvin, and Aldrich at his most nihilistic. With its stirring theme music and spectacular for the time special effects, The Dam Busters is one of the most famous of all British Second World War films.

N o recent historical cataclysm has eclipsed the magnitude of the second world war. And thank God for that: the war was horrible! Its aftershocks are still felt in many current conflicts. OK, technically the bulk of this movie is set directly after war is over. A close-knit group of Japanese soldiers fighting in Burma surrender to the British when armistice is declared.

Rife with drama, tragedy and danger, the Second World War has inspired — and continues to inspire — countless filmmakers across the world, generating a huge catalogue of action movies, thrillers, animations and romantic dramas. The multi-award-winning film recounts the extraordinary real-life actions of Oskar Schindler, an industrialist and Nazi party member believed to have saved the lives of around 1, Jews during the Holocaust. Schindler recruited Jewish workers to his factories in Nazi-occupied Poland and bribed Nazi officials to protect them from deportation to concentration camps.
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From the miracle at Dunkirk to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Stalingrad to the liberation of Auschwitz, no single event can tell the complete story of World War II: a global conflict so catastrophic that it claimed the lives of more than 50 million people. And no single film, whether it be an action flick, a spy thriller, a romance, or a docudrama, can convey the full scope of what it was like to experience the war firsthand. But for those of us looking back in awe and astonishment, these 12 films transform history into living, breathing art.

This is a list of fictional feature films or miniseries which feature events of World War II in the narrative. Fictional feature films specifically pertaining to the Holocaust appear in the List of Holocaust films Narrative films. Many aspects of this conflict have repeatedly been the subject of drama. These common subjects will not be linked when they appear in the film descriptions below:. China had been fighting against Japan since the invasion of their northeastern province of Manchuria in a war that completely opened in , called the Second Sino-Japanese War , until Japan attacked the U. A dramatised documentary is a documentary film which includes dramatised scenes using actors in costume.

Sign in. PG min Drama, Romance, War. A cynical American expatriate struggles to decide whether or not he should help his former lover and her fugitive husband escape French Morocco. R min Biography, Drama, History. R min Adventure, Drama, Thriller. Not Rated 95 min Drama, Romance, War.

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  1. This is a list of fictional feature films or miniseries which feature events of World War II in the narrative. There is a separate list of World War II TV series.

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