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can t have it all

Women vs. Capitalism: Why We Cant Have It All in a Free Market Economy by Vicky Pryce

The free market as we know it cannot produce gender equality. This is the bold but authoritative argument of Vicky Pryce, the governments former economics chief.

Women vs Capitalism is a fresh and timely reminder that, although the #MeToo movement has been hugely important, empowerment of the mind will not achieve full power for women while there remains economic inequality. Pryce urgently calls for feminists to focus attention on this pressing issue: the pay gap, the glass ceiling, and the obstacles to women working at all. Only with government intervention in the labor market will these long-standing problems finally be conquered.

From the gendered threat of robot labor to the lack of women in economics itself, this is a sharp look at an uncomfortable truth: we will not achieve equality for women in our society without radical changes to Western capitalism.
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Published 28.05.2019

Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You

It's time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position of power: the women who have managed to be both mothers and top.
Vicky Pryce

Jim Cramer: We Can't Have It All

The debate on women and work is only beginning. Now a debate is raging across the Internet: Who is to blame for the gender gap at the top? As Slaughter places the blame squarely on companies and policymakers, the unintended consequence of her incendiary article is that she is suddenly being viewed as the anti-Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg is the COO of Facebook who has, in the past two years, become the leading advocate for women taking responsibility for their own work-life balance problems. As she has spread her message at colleges and conferences, the year-old mother of two has practically built a second career as an evangelist for aspiring women. Sheryl Sandberg is both superhuman and rich.

It's a question that every woman faces at some point in her life: Can I really have it all? Between work, family, and everything in between, it's no wonder that.
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L ast week was a significant one for me because I nearly changed my mind about something. And who ever does that?

She wrote this book after serving as the Director of Policy Planning for the U. State Department under U. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton At that time she had to commute from Princeton to Washington DC leaving behind her family for 5 days every week for 2 years. After that period she decided to come back to her university duties instead of continuing to work in the State Department.

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