Smelling lavender out of nowhere

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smelling lavender out of nowhere

Lavender Quotes (23 quotes)

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How Your Guardian Angel May Send Scent Messages

This was very early days, so I felt a bit confused at the time. A warm tuberose, clove and patchouli combination. Quite strange why I would be smelling my own perfume in this dream! I later found out that he had his own licensed brand of perfume called , named after his album of the same name. It would appear out of nowhere and be gone very quickly. Suddenly the hit of lavender.

My daughter ran up to me this week with a big smile on her face, arms straight up in the air, one hand holding a small glass spray bottle. Its glass is a deep, transparent blue that makes it look like something that should be sitting in the window sill of a beach house. But this particular bottle is a cherished one and every drop of its contents considered valuable. It was given to me by our midwife after we lost our first baby. She came to visit a couple days after everything happened to check in and see how I was doing. She sat beside me, opened her bag and pulled out the blue bottle.

I know i've heard stories of smells being associated with hauntings. A common sent I've heard of is the smell of roses when there is a female spirit present. I've often used my senses to indicate if their was a spirit present: sight, hearing and also touch to sense the energy. Well I was sitting down at my desk researching for my paper and I smelt something strange. I know I have several spirits in my home, but smelling something weird has never occured to me. It smelt like decomposing food or plant matter.

I have seen many posts about people smelling things that are not there, and most are unpleasant smells, but I can smell very strong lavender. Mostly if I am working out indoors and sometimes when I am just sitting watching TV.
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I watched the movie "Michael" and in it were several references to the aroma of the supposed angel. I'm sixty years old and have not actually lived a pious life, however I distinctly remember instances in my life when I was overwhelmed by a certain pleasant aroma that for some reason I connected it to the presence of an angel. I have know idea how I reached that conclusion yet the the aroma was such that I literally tried to "consume" it out of the air. It was an aroma that fell somewhere between a baked pastry and a perfumed fragrance. I had never heard of this elsewhere until there were several references to it in that Travolta movie. I haven't experienced it in many years yet it is ingrained in my memory. Have any more info on this subject?

I thought nothing of it until three nights ago I was waiting for the parking center tram and smelled jasmine. These flowers have no scent. It smells like lavender because I have dried lavender sprigs and lemon verbena at her feet. However, neither smell anything like jasmine. Last night I went to my dresser, smelled nothing. Last night waiting for the tram 20 minutes. Did not smell anything for about 15 minutes, then a slight inhale of it and it was gone.

When you contact your guardian angel in prayer or meditation , you may smell a distinctive fragrance of some kind that conveys a particular message to you. Since our brains process scents in the same area where they process intuitive thoughts and feelings — the limbic system — fragrances are powerfully evocative for us, often bringing to mind something or someone we associate with each scent we smell and triggering memories of the related experiences. Here are some of the different types of scent messages that your guardian angel may communicate to you:. Angels often send people the scent of flowers — especially of roses, which have the highest energy vibration rate of any flower since angels' energy vibrates at a high frequency, they connect more easily with living things that have highly vibrating energy fields. If you smell a flower scent while praying or meditating, yet there are no flowers nearby, the fragrance is probably coming from your guardian angel as a sign that he or she is with you and wants to encourage you. Your guardian angel may send you a scent that reminds you of a person, or even a pet, you love when you've been praying or meditating about that individual.

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