Names of those who died in benghazi

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names of those who died in benghazi

13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff Hope it does justice to the story.*

*The movie does great justice to the story. It is apolitical, just as the book was. It is a graphic account of the 13 hours from start to end of the attacks. Even though the movie (and book) are apolitical and do not mention/depict any political party or leader, you will walk out of the theater with a strong opinion of various organizations. You will understand why certain individuals and organizations are trashing book and movie. Strongest recommendation for anyone interested in history, the warrior, current events!

5 Stars for 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, the story of the six Annex Security Team members who ran to the sound of gunfire on 9/11/12 in Benghazi. This is a tightly-knit account of what happened from the first terrorists entering the Special Mission Compound, the attacks on the CIA Annex and concludes when all the Americans have flown out. It is mainly what the 6-man team did and what they saw. This is a combat story, not a political one. If you saw the TV special with 3 of the team members, you will still learn much more from the book. Read this one in a day.

All six members of the reaction team were contractors, well-trained, and former military. They left the Annex against “stand-down” orders from a senior member of the onsite team. The reaction team had listened to the gunfire and frantic radio calls from the diplomatic compound a short distance away. After waiting for over 30 minutes, they decided to go:

Jack considered Rone the best driver among them, so he felt comfortable with his old friend at the wheel of the lead car. Yet he worried that they’d be ambushed along the way. His eyes still weren’t focusing properly, but he kept his head on a swivel, scanning back and forth, left and right, for hostile fighters or anything that looked out of place. Tig did the same in the backseat.

Jack mentally ticked off a list of possible hazards: roadside bombs, rocket-propelled grenades, snipers. Jack’s conflicting emotions ran on a loop in his mind: Fuck them. How dare they attack us? On the other hand: I’ll probably never see my wife and kids again. But that’s the job: We don’t have a choice. There are Americans that need our help, and we would want somebody to do the same for us. We’ll never be able to live with ourselves if we don’t make the effort. Finally he came full circle on his enemy: Fuck them.

I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about the events but the book provides new (at least to me) information. There was a drone overhead, providing real-time ISR, shortly after the attack started. The local “17 February” militia did provide some assistance to the Americans and a couple of them were pretty brave. I thought they were either no-shows or ran away. Most did but some were good allies. Until this account, I had no idea what the other Americans were doing, where they were or how they survived in the attack that killed the ambassador and the communications expert.

It is scandalous that this story is only coming out 2 years after the event. These were brave men that ran into the fight and into the fire to save their fellow countrymen. One gave his life and another was badly wounded. Highest recommendation.
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Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya, killed in Benghazi (WARNING: Graphic Content)

The Benghazi attack was a coordinated attack against two United States government . The RSO [Regional Security Officer] in Libya compiled a list of security incidents in Libya between June and July .. At least 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded as militiamen fired on demonstrators at the.
Mitchell Zuckoff

Benghazi 101: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Latest Report & The 2016 Election

By Reed Tucker. On Sept. One very long night later, the diplomatic compound was engulfed in flames and a covert CIA base a mile away lay in ruins, partially reduced to rubble by mortar fire. It focuses on a team of six military contractors who happened to be stationed at the CIA base when the fighting broke out. They chose to join the battle, spending more than half a day repelling attackers. That was getting lost in the politics of it all.

On Sept. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Michael Bay directed "13 Hours," the so-called "Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" version of what happened. The movie is based on a book co-written by Geist, Paronto and Tiegen and other former elite operatives hired as security contractors to guard the Benghazi compound. In real-life, the tragedy triggered massive investigations.

Your privacy is important to us. We have updated our privacy policy to better explain how we use data on this site. Read it here. By Lauren Carroll on Tuesday, February 9th, at p. In the past three debates, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Rubio alleges that at this meeting, Clinton told the families a story about the attacks that she knew at the time to be false.

We owe it to those brave Americans to make sure that we learn the right lessons from this tragedy.
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Initial reports indicated that ten Libyan guards died; this was later retracted and it was reported that seven Libyans were injured. Since then, reports differ regarding the number of Americans wounded in the attacks. Doherty was the second of three children born to Bernard and Barbara Doherty. He left the Navy in as a petty officer first class and joined the CIA. A Roman Catholic, Doherty was a member of the advisory board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation , an organization that opposes proselytizing by religious groups in the United States military.

A man walks past destroyed warehouses following Friday's clashes between Libyan paramilitary forces and Islamist militias in Benghazi, Libya on May 17, When I think of Benghazi, in my mind I am counting the dead: How many today, how many the week before, how many this year, how many since ? In my three years in Libya, this is one of my most depressing duties. The number of unlawful killings has been steadily increasing, and has now reached an average of one murder a day. The killers' brutality is also growing.

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  1. Four Americans died in the Benghazi attack: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone .

  2. A car bomb explosion in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi killed three UN staff members and two other mission members on Saturday, the United Nations said.

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