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spider girl comics read online free

Amazing Spider-Girl, Volume 2: Comes the Carnage! by Tom DeFalco

This book collect Issues 7-12 of the Amazing Spider-girl, the second Spider-girl series.

The book begins with a one shot story where the crippled Lady Hawk twin calls on Spider-girl to stop her sister from avenging her injury. Spider-girl tries, it doesnt really work and the only thing we learn is that some crime bosses have ethics and May gives up being Spider-girl.

This sets up Issue 8 where one of Mays classmates suddenly discovers shes a mutant. Mays mother Mary Jane urges her parents to be accepting and then is forced to confront her own refusal to support May is hurting their relationship. This ends with Mary Jane giving May back the costume and at last we finally stop repeating plots from the first Spider-girl series.

Issues 9-12 are an epic story arch which begins with SHIELD having Agent Whedons gang of former supervillains transport a specimen of the Carnage symbiote. The symbiote escapes, and ends up taking possession of her friend Moose and kidnapping her baby brother. The stakes and the emotion are high. Theres a particularly powerful scene in Issue 11 with Peter Parker straining to escape from venoms web.

Admittedly, the story line is not without some problems. It feels like we had a continuity blip in Issue 12. Something pretty unpleasant happens to Baby Ben, and it does feel like Peters role in this should have been more significant.

Still, I think it marks some new potential for the series. Its probably as dark as Spider-girl has gotten and I hope that Spider-girl doesnt become unrelentingly dark. At the end of the day, Spider-girl saves the day but theres a price thats surprisingly high. Well get into the fall out when it comes time to look at Volume 3.
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Where should I start reading Spider-Man? There have been over 50 years of Spider-Man comics mostly across two universes, Ultimate and Marvel comics started a long time ago, and their characters were all set in the same world, so they could meet each other and team up and stuff.
Tom DeFalco

Spider-Girl Battlebook: Streets of Fire Comic

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Spider-Girl is the code name of two fictional characters in comic books published by Marvel Comics in two different universes. The series would replace the feature " Mr. Amazing Spider-Man Family 5 published April through 8 July contained these Spider-Girl stories until the title's cancellation with issue 8. The MC2 Spider-Girl title was cancelled, having surpassed publisher expectations for longevity. The new series featured a new character, Anya Corazon , whose adventures occurred on Earth The series was canceled after only eight issues. No official reason was given for the cancellation.

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