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A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer, #1) by Dave Pelzer

This book is very likely made up from start to finish. The events in it read like Pelzer imagined the worst child abuse possible and then said, And it all happened to me! Yeah, right. His brother and grandmother said in an interview that it was all rubbish, too, which casts more doubt upon the whole thing. Pelzer also bought his own book in bulk so the sales numbers would put it on the bestseller list -- he just doesnt have a whole lot of credibility. Perhaps worse than the fact that Pelzer is, shall we say, probably somewhat fluid with the truth, is the fact that hes a dreadful writer. I no longer own the book (didnt put it through a shredder, like I did with A Million Little Pieces, but I got rid of it as quickly as I could), so I cant list any examples here, but I do recall that Ive seen better writing in sixth-grade themes.


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A Child Called "It"

David James Pelzer born December 29, in San Francisco , California [1] is an American author, of several autobiographical and self-help books. Pelzer was born in San Francisco, California the second of five boys. He grew up in Daly City , California. Pelzer's books describe the abuse he suffered for several years of childhood, including continual mistreatment and beatings by his mother, who he said thought of it as a game. His teachers stepped in on March 5, , when year-old Pelzer was placed in foster care. At age 18 he joined the U.

The memoir begins with Dave Pelzer at twelve years old, getting an examination from his school nurse. He lied to her about the bruises all over his body, but she knew that they were from his mother, who beat him. He escorted Dave to a meeting with a police officer and the police officer took him away, telling him that he would never have to go back to his mother again—he was free. Next, the memoir rewinds to Dave's early childhood years, when his mother was kind and he lived happily and without worries. His father worked most days, but his mother took the boys on day trips around the city, always teaching them whatever lessons she could.

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This weekend, the No 1 spot on the hardback non-fiction bestseller list is occupied by Dave Pelzer. The No 2 spot on the paperback non-fiction bestseller list is also occupied by Dave Pelzer. And the No 3 spot on the hardback non-fiction bestseller list? Dave Pelzer again. It's been like this for months.

He's a vaguely good-looking man, vaguely nerdy, with a squinting, almost spinsterish smile. I poured her a glass of wine, turned around, and she was taking her shirt off. I said, 'I guess it's all right to kiss you. Pelzer, 41, the author of three autobiographical books and one self-help book, is on his spring speaking and book-signing tour. Daytona is one of the bigger cities on his route; most of his stops are in smaller towns. After a speech in the morning in Daytona Beach, then a book signing later that day, he will leave at 1 a.

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