I can has cheezburger bible

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i can has cheezburger bible

LOLcat Bible: In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs n stuffs by Martin Grondin


From the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew to Latin and the King’s English, the Bible has been translated into over 2000 languages.


For the first time ever, LOLCat Bible brings the good news to your feline friends in their native LOLSpeak. The perfect gift for cuddly kittehs everywhere, this book retells the greatest stories ever told like never before, including:

•Noah’s Reely Big Bowt
•Moses an teh Scari Burnin Bush
•Teh Ten Bad Plagues
•David an Goliath teh Giunt
•Daniel an teh Pooch’s Den
•David an Goliath teh Giunt
•Jonah an teh Big Fishie
•Wawter into Booze
•Happy Cat Walks on Wawter
•Teh Last Cheezburger Feest
•Happy Cat Rises from teh Deds
and many, many more...

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Martin Grondin

Funny cat pictures with hilarious captions!

LOLspeak where LOL is an acronym for laugh out loud is a variety of English that can be described as the human interpretation of how cats might speak English if they could. It is a playful interpretation that includes things like deliberate grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and baby talk. LOLspeak is primarily used in a satirical or humorous manner on pictures of cats that are posted on the internet. LOLcats and LOLspeak appear to have originated on the image-sharing website 4chan , and were later popularised in by another image-sharing website, I Can Has Cheezburger? LOLspeak varies from Standard English in a number of ways, including in its syntax, morphology and spelling, and can be considered grammatically incorrect. Examples include th , which is sometimes spelt with an f and assumed to be pronounced as such u fink I eated ur foodz? I iz steelin ur hart.

Post a Comment. Here's a simple idea that really took off: Adding funny captions to pictures of cats doing cute, silly, and stupid things. Goodness gracious, I could have made millions. It started with this ridiculous little picture There's a glorious repository at icanhascheezburger. Just a few samples of some of the earlier lolcats: And they've even diversified to animals such as bunnies, mice, and, most notably, walrus.

Since most kids would rather be playing, parents need a study tool to capture their attention.
it was written that i would love you

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In the internet meme war between cats and dogs, the dogs are currently winning. The "doge" meme features an image often of an adorable shiba dog , annotated with distinctive phrases representing the thoughts of the dog — or the dragon, or whatever is being depicted. What has the internet gained in its move from LOLcats to doges? Obviously, doges share a lot with LOLcats. Both come in the form of easily-shared images with brief jokes on them, written in a distinctive, non-grammatical style. Know Your Meme has a terrific history of the doge meme , which, like the LOLcat originated with the cute picture of a specific animal and then exploded from there. Below you can see the original doge, a beautiful Shiba who is the color of a Twinkie.

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  1. The LOLCat Bible Translation Project was a wiki-based website set up in July by Martin As of March 27, , approximately 61% of the text had been adapted, and Grondin stated that he hoped the entire New Testament would be The use of "cheezburgers" is an allusion to the I Can Has Cheezburger? meme.

  2. an on da sebenth day Ceiling Cat rested. Its a ruff lief foar a ceiling cat. Comments · bible · captions · Cats · ceiling cat · rest · seventh day. Skip. WilliamKeckler.

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