Theme of death by scrabble

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theme of death by scrabble

Short Story lovers - Discussion Story "Death By Scrabble" Showing 1-40 of 40

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"Death by Scrabble"

Death by Scrabble Analysis Essay

The author has used themes, imagery and symbolism to capture the story of his life. Using words from the scrabble game, the author employs expressions and other figures towards reveals the happenings that took place in a single day. The author seems to be dissatisfied with his present lifestyle. He also indicates an immense hatred towards the same. On the other hand, a few occurrences give another twist to the narrative. In this story, it is evident that the author is his own problem and not the wife.

It guides the plot to its climatic, surprise ending. This is a humorous story that shows a conflict between a reserved husband and his wife who only communicate and fight through the use of Scrabble words. It hints to the reader that bad luck is either going to her or her husband. The narrator tells a short situation about his cousin swallowing a bee when he was nine and how his throat swelled up and he died, which adds suspense at why he sidetracked game. Its a weird story and definitely a sign that a situation could arise from that story. The lack of communication during the game and the game dialogue played is an aspect that makes the words very symbolic in this story. There is minimal communication outside of the game, so the majority of the conversation and conflict are through the use of the words being played in the Scrabble game.

Anoushka Divekar June 1st While playing a game of scrabble where the words the protagonist chooses to come to life, he tries to kill his wife. Later, to his own demise, he realizes that his plan has backfired. His wife, the antagonist in this story is an intriguing person. The antagonist is very smart. The protagonist in this story provides such a big contrast to thee antagonist that is makes her seem more cunning. The antagonist can carry out her plan with minimal speech.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Topic: Marriage , Death. In the short story Death By Scrabble, Charlie Fish tells a story of a bitter man who is contemplating killing his wife as they engage in a game of Scrabble. Throughout the game, the man notices that the words played on the board manifest into action. After he figures out the words played are coming true, he tries to play words so he can kill her.



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  1. This short story is very well written and describes the unsuccessful relationship between a husband and wife.

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