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dr raymond francis vitamin c

The Great American Health Hoax: The Surprising Truth About How Modern Medicine Keeps You Sick—How to Choose a Healthier, Happier, and Disease-Free Life by Raymond Francis

Described as one of the few scientists who has achieved a breakthrough understanding of health and disease, Raymond Francis draws deeply from his years of personal experience and professional training. A chemist and a graduate of MIT, Raymond exposes the truth about why the conventional approaches to health and disease arent working. In The Health Hoax, Francis blends wisdom from his previous books with new information and research, then he pulls out all the stops and creates a simple roadmap to health so that you can get well, stay well and never be sick again.

Francis believes that, through education, we can put an end to the epidemic of chronic disease while providing a solution to the biggest social and economic problem of this century—the costs of global aging.

In The Health Hoax, Francis exposes the truth about how to stay healthy and introduces us to a way of life that can become a highway to health, while he quite effectively demonstrates that we really dont have to be sick. Then, he reminds us that not only is there absolutely no fun in being sick, but we are going broke trying to pay the cost. Francis realizes that the only solution for individuals and society as a whole is to maintain health. But health is a solution that we must choose, and once we make that choice, we must learn how to achieve it.

Fortunately, learning how to be healthy has never been easier—The Health Hoax makes it simple. Because the human organism is a magnificent self-regulating, self-repairing system, it is capable of being completely functional and in excellent health for well over 100 years of vital, productive life. We are the sum of everything that goes into our system – it is our job to support it. When we make the choice to properly care for ourselves, our bodies will reward us with the gift of good health and long life. All we need is a tool to help us master the elements of health that are the most important. This book is that tool. It will empower you to choose health and never be sick again!
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For more than 75 years, physicians have linked vitamin C with “favorably laureate Dr. Linus Pauling began telling people about the power of vitamin C to.
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I eat well, exercise, sleep and try to balance work and play. Last year, I had a series of things happen that I attributed to stress. I injured my back in a yoga class, my eyes were bothering me when I used the computer and got glasses, my gums started receding, and just recently I started to develop environmental allergies for the first time after moving to a new climate. I assumed everything was related to over-working and overtraining , and that the allergies were something that apparently everyone has in this area. I had been taking what I considered a low dose of whole food vitamin C about mg for acerola cherry, camu camu and rose hips with a vitamin pack, thinking that this was a sufficient amount with my diet.

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His theory is that there is only one disease, doctors like to give it many different names but basically it is a malfunctioning cell. When cells malfunction, the body, the body is longer able to maintain homeostasis by regulating and repairing itself. This is the essence of disease, no matter what you call it or how it happens. Because only one disease exists, all we need to do is to prevent the causes of that one disease. Cells malfunction for two reasons: toxicity and deficiency, our cells become toxic and deficient through six different pathways, nutrition, toxic, psychological, physical, genetic and medical. Francis's FOUR worst food choices, comprising the bulk of the average American diet and disastrous to the health of our population are:.

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  1. For more than 75 years, physicians have linked vitamin C with “favorably Even mild vitamin C deficiencies increase the risk and severity of infections. We also.

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