A manual of construction documentation pdf

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a manual of construction documentation pdf

A Manual of Construction Documentation by Glenn Wiggins

From information on standard utility graphics through specifics on schedules and sequencing, this book covers every aspect of the working drawings and schedules that comprise a standard set of construction documents:

• Site Plans

• Floor Plans

• Roof Plans

• Reflected Ceiling Plans

• Exterior Elevations

• Building Sections

• Wall Sections

• Vertical Transportation Systems

• Enlarged Plans and Interior Elements

• Schedules Details

Step-by-step graphics illustrate the precise sequencing of each drawing, presenting a system that can be used, with some modification, on virtually any type or size of commercial building.

An invaluable teaching tool and reference.
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Published 21.06.2019

A manual of construction documentation pdf

It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Some of the features on CT. The Committee is responsible for maintenance and updating of the Construction Manual. The Construction Manual, in conjunction with the Standard Specifications for Roads, Bridges and Incidental Construction, outlines the organization, policies and procedures of the Department of Transportation relative to administration of construction contracts. All questions related to policies, procedures, pilot projects related to procedures within the scope of the Construction Manual, or recommendations for revision of procedures should be forwarded to one of the contacts listed below.

Construction DocumentationDrawings Ernest L. Grigsby, AIA Construction documentation is the bridge between building design and physical building form. A key element of documentation services, construction drawings provide the instructions for transforming design solutions into bricks and mortar. By definition, construction documentation encompasses the preparation of drawings and specifications that set forth the detailed requirements for the construction of a building project. The two are complementary, with neither having precedence over the other.

Despite innovations in software technology for producing accurate drawing and specification documentation, the quality of contract documents for construction has been steadily declining. The authors as specification consultants for a large number of firms have a unique perspective because they view drawings from multiple sources across the country and have to deal with getting timely decisions on products and basic contracting requirements to provide specifications. We are deeply concerned that there is a coming crisis in construction document quality and are in the process of investing time and resources to develop tools that we believe could help project teams avoid this crisis. Owners may be subject to excessive change orders, which in turn may affect their relationship with lenders, delay project completion, and disrupt planned revenue. Poor documentation may result in dissatisfaction by the people who occupy and use the completed facility, which in extreme cases can lead to legal claims.

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The PCD course is an introductory course that will enable the student to have a better understanding of construction documentation specifications, drawings and schedules , products, bidding procedures and contracts. It is also precursor to all the other CSC education courses. In other words, it is designed for anyone in construction, whether they work as a designer, consultant, contractor or supplier. The focus is to emphasize the relationship that exists between specifications and drawings, and the role of the industry participants. Contract documents and the project manual have an intrinsic relationship with each other, with standard pre-printed contract documents, and with associated documents; this course explains these relationships. For more information and to order the PCD go to www. Document Store.

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