Why do people lie to hurt others

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why do people lie to hurt others

Lying Quotes (519 quotes)

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Published 04.07.2019

The Science of Lying

At some point in life, everyone is the victim of a lie. that in any organization, some people have greater access to the leaders than do others.

The Science Behind Why People Lie Is Actually Pretty Surprising

Often we do not like to associate with people who lie, but in fact, we all lie from time to time. Lies take on all shapes and forms, from omission of details to flat-out falsehoods. It's almost reasonable to say that lying is instinctive because even young children lie without realizing it. No matter how common it is to lie, it is still considered impolite and bad behavior. Being lied to can be frustrating and it often breaks the bond of trust between two people, causing problems in the relationship.

2. Lying Shows A Lack Of Respect

WHILE recognizing that lying is a universal lubricant of social life, psychiatrists are seeking to determine when it becomes destructive and just which kinds of mental problems it can typify. An article in the current American Journal of Psychiatry calls attention to the general neglect of lying as a topic for psychiatric research and marks the first systematic attempt to understand the role lying plays in normal everyday life as well as in specific psychiatric problems. Psychologists who are studying how and why children learn to lie are finding that certain lies play positive roles in a child's emotional development. A child's first successful lie, for instance, is seen by some researchers as a positive milestone in mental growth. While the recent research sees lying that does damage as a matter for concern, it is pragmatic in taking the occurrence of lying in social life for granted. One study, for instance, found that, on average, adults lie - or admit to doing so - 13 times a week.

In the hierarchy of unforgivable relational sins, we think of lying - and especially the lying associated with "cheating" - as perhaps the worst non-abusive relationship sin. Because lying is considered to be a universal evil, a person who lies in their relationship rarely gets much sympathy. Many potentially amazing relationships end because the person who lies is vilified and the offended party never takes a beat in order to get a handle on the why of the lie. The truth is, people lie to the people they love all the time in small and not-so-small ways. Lying can be everything from saying you are "fine" when you are not to going behind their back and having sex with another person. As a sex and relationship coaches, we know that people rarely lie because they are evil, selfish monsters with no regard for others.

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