Mossad operation wrath of god

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mossad operation wrath of god

The Queen of Sparta by T.S. Chaudhry

Xerxes, the Great King of Persia invades Greece in 480 B.C. at the head of over a million barbarians. 300 Spartan’s led by King Leonidas die heroically blocking the Persian advance at the pass of Thermopylae. The Persians are poised to conquer all of Greece.

The only one standing in their way is a woman – Gorgo, Queen of Sparta. Though history has relegated her role to an interested bystander, what if she played a central part at the heart of the Greek resistance to the Persian invasion. What if she kept her true role a secret in order to play it more effectively? What if she was hiding other secrets too – dark secrets of murder and vengeance? What if the only person who truly appreciated her genius was an enemy prisoner? What if after their victory, the Greeks start to turn on each other? What if, eventually, Gorgo has to choose between the security of Sparta and safety of her son? And what if the only one who could find a way out is the same prisoner whom she has vowed to kill?
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The Longest Pursuit of Justice - Espionage Stories Ep#10

Munich: Mossad breaks cover

A list of targets was compiled and Harari put together his assassination team, whose squad names were letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Many more killings followed, mostly across Europe. But not all went according to plan. After identifying and gunning down the target it emerged that the man was an innocent Moroccan. Aged 16, he joined the Haganah, an illegal Jewish underground organisation, serving in the Palmach unit, which was its striking force. Harari was arrested several times as the British authorities attempted to dismantle the Palmach. In , he was sent to Marseille from where he helped to smuggle Jewish refugees into Palestine.


Authorized by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the autumn of , the operation is believed to have continued for over twenty years. The operation was depicted in the television film Sword of Gideon and Steven Spielberg 's film Munich

Steven Spielberg's new film Munich, about the vengeful aftermath of the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian gunmen at the Olympic Games, goes on general release tomorrow amid a firestorm of controversy about its political sympathies and historical accuracy. Munich deals with reprisal missions by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, whose agents assassinated at least 11 people alleged to have been involved in the atrocity, a grim episode in the conflict between two peoples that prefigured the US-led "war on terror". The film, released in the US last month, has been savaged by some Israelis and Jews for suggesting a moral equivalence between the terrorist attack and the Israeli response to it. Arabs have complained that the Palestinians are caricatured and their motives, five years after their defeat in the Middle East war, left unexplored. But the latest work by the creator of Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan has also been challenged on factual grounds. And two TV documentaries broadcast in Britain this week - to coincide with the film's opening in this country - undermine some of its central claims.

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