Depression wish i was dead

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depression wish i was dead

Mum, I Wish I Was Dead: The story of a teenager who conquered depression by Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz has spent more than a third of his life battling depression. At the age of 10, he began periods of school refusal, bouts of destruction, physical illness, endless trials with unsuccessful drug regimes and contemplation of suicide. Finally, he was forced to drop out of high school and relinquish his hopes of further education and a bright, healthy future.

Fortunately, Adams story has a happy ending. As someone who has only just left those terrible years behind, his recollections of what it is like to be a child and teenager suffering with depression are vivid.

Mum, I Wish I Was Dead tells the story of Adams journey through this illness and was written to help raise awareness of depression and give hope to both carers and sufferers. For more information, go to

Depression and related forms of mental ill-health plague at least half of young people as they face the challenges and ordeals of the transition from childhood to adulthood. They struggle with the heros journey. This book not only describes one such journey with great honesty and sensitivity, it also provides hope and proof of how to navigate the route. It could be a useful guide to the next generation who pass this way. - Professor Pat McGorry AO, University of Melbourne. Executive Director, Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

This is a brave, candid and beautifully written description of the effect of depression that will be of enormous educational value for sufferers, their family and health professionals. The book also serves to provide much-needed hope that, with appropriate treatment and support, the outcome can be very positive. - Professor Garry Walter AM, Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Sydney
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Posted 3 years ago , users are following. I really don't want to live anymore. I'm alone but do have some friends. Have a grown daughter that has a busy life and no time for me. I think people would be sad and miss me, but not terribly. They'll get over it. I recently had major surgery and it went well.

Please refresh the page and retry. I was 47 when depression struck me. It came totally out of the blue, 10 years after I retired, no trigger, nothing. But is that the blues? Or is it just mentally recharging the batteries?

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People utter it without any meaning. But when you are under depression this thought becomes a fact. Depression is a common and serious mental illness which negatively affects your feelings.

Back to Clinical depression. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns about the medicinr you're taking. The leaflet that comes with your medicine will have information about possible interactions with other medicines or supplements. These can sometimes interfere with antidepressants. Both will improve your general health as well. A healthy diet can help lift your mood. Being physically active can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage the release of endorphins your body's feel-good chemicals and improve self-esteem.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder like major depression or bipolar disorder or another mental health disorder , you may be familiar with the symptom that involves a preoccupation with death. This can involve passively wishing you were dead, actively beginning to plan your death, or becoming absorbed with thoughts of dying. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you may have come to a place in your life where you wish you were dead. Suicidal thoughts, or suicidal ideation , are one of the hallmark symptoms of both major depression and the depressive episodes found in bipolar disorder. Suicidal ideation has two forms: active and passive.

There are different types of suicidal depressions and one type is the passive suicidal depression. Passive suicidal depression tends to take forms such as the very common one of not wanting to wake up in the morning. And so on and so forth. These are definitely suicidal thoughts to be taken very seriously, but they are passive rather than active such as:. And so on.

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