Qantas jet engine blow up

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qantas jet engine blow up

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Engine explosion on Qantas jet

Eyewitness Video and Images of Debris From Qantas Jet NOV. Flight 32 was minutes into its route to Sydney when the engine blew out.
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3 Airlines Halt A380 Flights Over Engine Explosion

Matt Hewitt, 25, was on the London to Sydney jet which made an emergency landing after one of its engines shut down mid-air. Speaking from Singapore, he said: "We set off out of Singapore and we had been climbing for about 30 minutes when there was a big bang and a shudder. Qantas Airbus emergency: How to survive a plane crash. Airbus A engine failure hits Rolls-Royce shares. Safety inspectors warned of engine risks. How to survive a plane crash.

Debris fell on an Indonesian island, and the plane, with more than people aboard, spent 90 tense minutes circling with its three remaining engines, dumping fuel and preparing for an emergency landing back in Singapore. The episode ended with passengers cheering and praising the flight crew for maintaining calm. There were no reported injuries. Justin Dubon, an Airbus spokesman in France, said it was the first uncontained engine failure and the most serious problem experienced by the A, which entered service in Such a failure is extremely rare and occurs when components fly off the main engine housing, often with explosive force. Qantas, with six of the As, and Singapore, with 11, grounded their fleets.

By Post Staff Report. It was most serious midair incident involving the double-decker A since it debuted in October with Singapore Airlines flying it to Sydney — the same route that Qantas flight QF34 was flying when it was stricken over western Indonesia. Qantas said there had been no explosion, but witnesses aboard the plane and on the ground reported blasts. After the plane touched down in Singapore, the engine closest to the fuselage on the left wing had visible burn marks and was missing a section of plate that would have been painted with the red kangaroo logo of the airline. The upper part of the left wing also appeared damaged.


Passengers last night told of the terrifying moment they thought their Qantas Superjumbo was about to plunge from the sky after an engine blew up. Panic gripped the cabin of the Airbus A as a loud bang echoed through the fuselage and a trail of smoke, flames and debris filled the sky.

On 4 November , Qantas Flight 32 , an Airbus A on a scheduled passenger service from London to Sydney via Singapore , suffered an uncontained failure in one of its four Trent engines. After holding for almost two hours to assess the situation, the aircraft made a successful emergency landing at Changi. There were no injuries to the passengers, crew or people on the ground, despite debris from the aircraft falling onto houses in Batam. On inspection, it was found that a turbine disc in the aircraft's No. The subsequent investigation concluded that the failure had been caused by the breaking of a stub oil pipe which had been manufactured improperly. The failure was the first of its kind for the A, the world's largest passenger aircraft.

A Qantas A superjumbo has made an emergency landing in Singapore after one its engines seemingly blew up in mid-flight. Both Airbus and Rolls-Royce , which manufactured the plane's four engines, have launched investigations. It is far too early to tell. But what appears clear is that there was a catastrophic failure in the fuselage-side engine on the left wing shortly after the plane took off from Singapore en route to Sydney. Passengers reported hearing loud bangs and seeing flames. Debris which appeared to be from the engine landed on the Indonesian island of Batam, near Singapore.


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  1. On 4 November , Qantas Flight 32, an Airbus A on a scheduled passenger service On inspection, it was found that a turbine disc in the aircraft's No. As a result of the aircraft landing 35 knots faster than normal, four tyres were blown. . out of the three individual pieces of disc debris and as a result, engine No.

  2. Qantas grounded all six of its Airbus A superjumbos after one of them blew out an engine today, shooting flames and debris that forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Singapore with people on board.

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