When things are falling apart

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when things are falling apart

Quote by J. Lynn: “Sometimes when things are falling apart, they m...”

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Published 27.07.2019

If things are Falling Apart, Here's Great News (How to TRUST 100%)

When Things Are Falling Apart, Read These 10 Notes

To live is to be willing to die over and over again. What if we stop looking at breakdowns as falling apart, but rather the place between what was and what will be? The time just before things come together in a different way. When the caterpillar enters the chrysalis and its metamorphosis begins, we can only imagine that the process of this transformation will be uncomfortable. Unless the caterpillar undergoes this radical transformation, it will never fly as a beautiful butterfly. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again.

Five years ago, I lost my job. In fact, there was one time that I was the only one left standing and still did not land that elusive employment contract. But it was not so much the losing the job that I mourned but the career I built; and interestingly enough, when I managed to turn off my churning mind and listen to my heart instead -- for reasons I could not understand then—I felt a little flutter of something I could only describe as joy. A few months after I lost my job, I lost my beloved dog. We loved that dog like she was our own child. I fell apart at the seams.

Some people choose to put on a brave face and decide to face the storms in life without a tear, while others may resort to shedding tears to relieve the pain within. Sometimes, it becomes essential to cry your heart out to give freedom to the bottled up emotions and to release the negativity from your thoughts. Contrary to popular belief, crying is not a sign of weakness, instead it is a mark of staying strong for too long. Even though we have come a long way as a society, men are compelled to abide by the social construct of staying strong during troubled times — the off beam stereotype being that crying is a sign of femininity. Ultimately it will give you the power to attain closure, get over your grief faster, and move forward. The series of experiences that make up the journey called life are a part of who we really are. They make us and break us, and we have to live with them.

This is where you build from.
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The truth is, sometimes we get into situations where there is no easy way out. But a new day brings unexpected possibilities, and if you do what you can now you can work towards a better future no matter where you are in your life. Life never stops hitting you but if you work on making progress you can learn to dance with it. And, if you do, it gets a hell of a lot better. Sometimes, it can even be amazing. You will come out of it stronger and more resilient.

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  1. When everything feels like it's falling apart, read this. Sit with your discomfort, and see what's underneath: stillness, where every feeling, thought, and life comes.

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