Christopher walken dogs of war

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christopher walken dogs of war

The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth

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In a remote corner of Zangara, a small republic in Africa, lies Crystal Mountain. At certain times of the day the mountain emits a strange glow. Only Sir James Manson knows why. The mountain contains ten billion dollars worth of the worlds most valuable mineral, platinum.

Not only exciting but truly surprising—Atlantic. Now the only question is, how to get hold of it. Sir James knows how. Invade the country with a band of savage, cold-blooded mercenaries. Topple the government and set up a puppet dictatorship. Unleash the dogs of war.
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Jamie Shannon's mercenaries assault the military barracks in Zangaro's capital (Pt 1)

The Dogs of War (1980) Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Colin Blakely. Action, Adventure, Drama

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Mercenary James Shannon, on a reconnaissance job to the African nation of Zangaro, is tortured and deported. He returns to lead a coup. Walken at his absolute best. He's Shannon, a hell of a mercenary for hire. A shady corporate guy goes to him for a recon job in Zangaro, West Africa. Corporate guys want to know if the current dictator can be replaced by another one that appreciate investors and business. Man, can Walken take a beating!

The Dogs of War is a war film based upon the novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth. Largely filmed in Belize, it was directed by John Irvin and starred Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger.
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Christopher Walken is one of a kind. Those piercing eyes, angular face, and most interestingly his characteristic halting, syncopated speech — his image and persona are so singularly ingrained in our collective experience that we simply accept him as a necessary and wonderful part of our film landscape. Their motivation is greed, not politics. Eventually Plan B is chosen, and Jamie rounds up his old outfit to join him on the job that might make them all rich. Personal freedoms are violated and corruption abounds. Walken gets a chance to chew the scenery with some crazy line deliveries, and the confident camera work of the legendary Jack Cardiff reminds us of his own directorial mercenary tale, Dark Of The Sun. Despite being a soldier of fortune, the key to Jamie is that he actually has a strong moral compass and a sense of social justice.

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