The school story by andrew clements summary

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the school story by andrew clements summary

The School Story by Andrew Clements

Two middle school girls scheme to publish a book in this novel from Andrew Clements, the author of Frindle.

Natalies best friend, Zoe, is sure that the novel Natalies written is good enough to be published. But how can a twelve-year-old girl publish a book? Natalies mother is an editor for a big childrens publisher, but Natalie doesnt want to ask for any favors.

Then Zoe has a brilliant idea: Natalie can submit her manuscript under a pen name, with Zoe acting as her literary agent. But its not easy for two sixth graders to put themselves over as grown-ups, even with some help from a couple of real grown-ups who are supportive but skeptical. The next bestselling school story may be in their hands—but can Natalie and Zoe pull off their masquerade?
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Complete summary of Andrew Clements' The School Story. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The School Story.
Andrew Clements

The School Story

This book is an absolutely unforgettable read. Twelve-year-olds Natalie Nelson and Zoe Reisman, actually decide to publish a book and the best part is that no one knows that they are children! It all starts when Natalie, who is a brilliant writer shows Zoe her latest book, named The Cheater. Zoe loves it and wants Natalie to formally publish it. Natalie is a little apprehensive, but Zoe convinces her. With determination and the English teacher's helpful advice, they send the manuscript to an editor who also happens to be Natalie's mother and is in search of school stories much like their book!

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Sign up for our newsletters!, Clements's Frindle absorbing novel centers on Natalie, a year-old aspiring author who, since her father died in an automobile accident, lives alone with her mother, Hannah, a children's book editor for a New York City publisher. As the book opens, Natalie's best friend, Zoe, is reading the novel that Natalie is writing.

The Cheater is about a girl and a boy and the girl got the boy in trouble, so the boy ends up forgiving her for that, and they become very good friends. With many rough drafts and edits, Natalie finally says that she is ready to publish it. It passes, and Natalie writing as Cassandra Day , surprises her mom. The review of this Book prepared by Jane Song. The School Story is a book about a young girl named Natalie who wants to pursue a career as a writer, but she feels that no one would listen to her if they found out how young she really is. Natalie goes under the pseudonym of Cassandra Day and she sends her book to a publishing company.

The School Story is a children's novel by Andrew Clements , published in It is about two twelve-year-old girls who try to get a school story published. As the novel begins, twelve-year-old Natalie is almost done writing a novel called The Cheater about a girl and her friends. It is uncommon, if not impossible, for someone her age to get published, but Natalie's best friend, Zoe Reisman, thinks The Cheater is good enough. Natalie wants her mother, Hannah Nelson, who works as an editor at Shipley Junior Books, to edit her manuscript, but she does not want her mother to find out that she wrote it.

Twelve-year-old Natalie Nelson has been secretly writing a novel she titled The Cheater. When Natalie's best friend Zoe reads the novel, Zoe tries to convince her friend that the book is good enough to publish. Natalie is reluctant to try, and she certainly does not want to ask her mother Hannah Nelson, an overworked editor for Shipley Junior Books, for any special help. Zoe coaxes Natalie to submit her manuscript to Shipley under a pen name, with Zoe acting as her literary agent. With the help of Ms.

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