Have we found the missing link

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have we found the missing link

Quote by Konrad Lorenz: “I have found the missing link between the highe...”

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Published 06.08.2019

Missing Link What Do You Mean By Missing?

Has the Missing Link Been Found?

CNN Early humans were still swinging from trees two million years ago, scientists have said, after confirming a set of contentious fossils represents a "missing link" in humanity's family tree. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Scientists say fossils are 'missing link' in human history.

'Missing link' in human history confirmed after long debate . sediba have fueled scientific debate since they were found at the Malapa Fossil.
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With so much publicity surrounding these fossils, scientists specialising in this subject, and the general public, assume the evidence supporting the ape-man links to be so substantial as to establish them beyond any reasonable doubt. In this book I have examined the 'credentials' of those fossil discoveries which are said to be the main links between man and that animal ancestor which he has in common with the apes. Except for one letter p35 , only published works have been used, and a series of composite pictures have been built up, in which many conflicting factors become apparent. Whether there is room for doubt regarding the far reaching claims made for many of these fossils will be left for the reader to judge as the evidence is laid before him. It can doubtless be argued that the study of fossil bones is an advanced and highly technical science, and criticism by one whose qualifications are not in this particular field is of no value. To this I would reply that no matter how technically involved a field of enquiry may be, in order to be entitled a 'science' it must be seen clearly to conform with the basic principles of scientific investigation.

There was once an animal that was an ancestor to both humans and apes. But what was it like? The average missing person's inquiry begins with a few vital facts. Investigators often know when and where the missing party was last seen. They might have photographs that tell them what the missing person looks like, and they usually have a name to put to that face. About years ago, when Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution through natural selection, scientists began to accept that humans — for all our sophisticated behaviour — belong to the same family tree as all other animals. The idea led to two inescapable conclusions.

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