The day the crayons came home by drew daywalt

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the day the crayons came home by drew daywalt

The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt

Duncan gets a stack of postcards in the mail from his disgruntled crayons.

They are writing to him from exotic locations.

TO: Duncan
Duncans Bedroom
This House

Dear Duncan,
Not sure if you remember me. My name is MAROON CRAYON. You only colored with me once, to draw a scab, but whatever. Anyway, you LOST me TWO years ago in the couch, then your dad SAT on me and BROKE ME IN HALF! I never would have survived had PAPERclip not NURSED me back to health. Im finally better, so come get me! And can Paper Clip come too? Hes really holding me together.

Your marooned crayon,
Maroon Crayon

We see a bearded Robinson Crusoe-lookin crayon with a happy waving paper clip wrapped around his waist.

Dear Duncan,
No one likes peas.
No one even likes the color PEA green. So Im changing my name and running away to see the WORLD.
Esteban... the Magnificent!
(the crayon formerly known as PEA GREEN)

LOL LOL We see Pea Green, oh, excuse me, I mean Esteban the Magnificent putting on his cape and running heroically.

Neon Red is writing from the Ritz Motel where he was left by the pool after Duncan used him to color in his dads sunburn. After eight months of waiting for Duncan to come get him, hes decided to walk back.

Yellow and Orange (as you remember they were fighting about who was the “true color of the sun” in Book One) are now fused together in an unholy mutation after being left out in the aforementioned sun.

You know the real color of the sun?? HOT. Thats what. Were sorry for arguing. You can make Green the sun for all we care, just bring us HOME!

Then theres the grosser ones like “Tan or Possibly Burnt Sienna” who was eaten by a dog and puked up on the living room rug. Its gross, but kids will probably get a kick out of it.

Then we get an update from Estaban the Magnificent:

Dearest Duncan,
Um... could you please OPEN the FRONT DOOR? I still need to see the world....
Esteban the Magnificent

One of the childrens favorites might be the glow-in-the-dark page (tantalizingly mentioned on the cover) in which Glow In The Dark Crayon reminisces about when he and Duncan drew scary stuff on the wall to convince Duncans little brother that there was a ghost under the basement stairs. But now Glow In The Dark Crayon is trapped in the basement and he is scared.

We get periodic updates from Neon Crayon who is intensely confused about where he is in the world. For instance, he sends a postcard from Egypt, but claims hes in New Jersey.

Gold Crayons upset because he was blunted coloring in gold coins.

Some other crayons write in from various places with various complaints.

Just like the ending of the first book, Duncan finds a way to make everyone happy.

- Even funnier than the first book.
- Glow-in-the-dark page.
- Illustrations that look as if they have been drawn by an actual child.
- Good concepts and vocabulary, doesnt talk down to children.

- Occasionally gross. One crayon is puked up by a dog, a brown crayon is upset because Duncan used him to color shit. I mean, your personal gross-out level will vary. This wont even faze some people.

Tl;dr – Even funnier than the first book.
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