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dark of the moon play

Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson

Dark of the Moon is a stage play written by Howard Richardson and William Berney. Its setting alternates between a close-knit town in the Appalachians and the Smoky Mountains where the witches are from. A theme of this play is to live in the moment. This theme is shown by the motif that witches have no soul.

John is a witch boy in love with a human girl named Barbara Allen. John goes to the Conjur Man and Woman to ask them to change him into a human. Barbara is potentially soon getting married to Marvin Hudgens, the strongest man in the county. The Conjur Man refuses, but the Conjur Woman agrees to turning John into a human under the condition that he definitely marries Barbara and that both of them stay true to each other for a year. If John or Barbara break their part of the condition, John will be turned back into a witch and Barbara will die.

The characters talk in Appalachian dialect. They use phrases that an Appalachian citizen might use and they talk in an accent. The show also includes church hymns. The show is pretty fast paced. The gossip in the town goes around pretty quickly, for instance, since in this town nothing interesting happens very often. The show is really sad and mysterious. John is unhappy as a witch, the townspeople do not see John as a human, John and Barbara lose their baby, and Barbara gets raped by Marvin. Barbara Allen, the female protagonist, stands out because of her beauty and kindness and innocence. I live in a town a lot like the play, where nothing much happens, so I could relate to the setting.

My favorite part of this book is the general store scene. I played Miss Metcalf this summer and I really enjoyed being able to be sassy towards the guys in the town and the preacher. My least favorite part is the revival scene because it is unpleasant reading about an innocent girl getting raped. Barbara and John had been married almost a year and had patiently waited for John to become a human permanently and I felt horrified when the raping started. This was really upsetting, particularly because Barbara was not at all responsible for her rape and she still had to die for it and John had to become a witch. This play should have done a better job to assure readers that the victim is never responsible for his or her rape.

The author successfully conveyed the theme because the love story between John and Barbara is short lived, but extremely compelling during the time. I would recommend this story especially to those interested in witchcraft because the story contains a lot of information about the life of a witch and it creates a very mysterious vibe.
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Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon

MENTION "Dark of the Moon," and the memories of many theatergoers are likely to hark back to college or high school productions of the hillbilly tale about the witch-boy who begs to be made human after having his way with the lusty mortal Barbara Allen atop Bald Mountain. The hitch is that she must remain faithful to him for a full year. Professional stagings of this oddity have hardly come round much after its moderate Broadway run in the 's. Now the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, under a new, energized management, has decked out a striking production, wholly theatrical, but halfhearted in its interpretation of a play that sounds but halfway written. Not that it's an easy task to come upon a coherent interpretation of a most peculiar work that engages the audience on a musical, mystical folk level but can evoke titters in more heated, seriously intended passages. Dialogue among the folks down in the valley, where chopping wood right seems to be the measure of a man, runs along the lines of "Howdy, preacher," "Howdy, brethren," references to fire and damnation and loads of "I reckons.

Dark of the Moon is a dramatic stage play by Howard Richardson and William Berney. The play was produced on Broadway in and was the maiden.
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It is set in the Smoky Mountains. The central characters are John, a witch boy who just wants to be human , and Barbara Allen, his human love interest, who has become pregnant by him. John tries to get his mentor Conjur Man to change him, but he flat out refuses. The Conjur Woman then agrees to change John, on one condition: Barbara Allen has to marry him, and be faithful for a year. Cut to a friendly social gathering in the village of Buck Creek. It is revealed that Barbara Really Gets Around , and also that she is quite the singer.

There's a swing and spirit to the best scenes that had some of the audience tapping its feet and humming. No account yet? Create one. Athol Fugard. Jason Milligan. Eric Ulloa.

The play was produced on Broadway in and was the maiden production of the now acclaimed New York Circle in the Square Theatre in This was followed by a national tour and eventually numerous college and high-school productions. The original London production — , at the Ambassadors Theatre , was an early much admired production by the distinguished director Peter Brook. Set in the Appalachian Mountains and written in an Appalachian dialect, the play centers on the character of John, a witch boy who seeks to become human after falling in love with a human girl, Barbara Allen. Originally written by Howard Richardson in as a dramatization of the centuries-old European folk song "The Ballad of Barbara Allen ", it was first performed at the University of Iowa in under the title Barbara Allen. The Shuberts saw it and transferred it mainly re-cast to Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre named at the time the 46th Street Theatre , where it ran from March 14, to December 15, , directed by Robert E. The New York Times reviewed a "rare revival" in New Jersey, referring to the many high school and college productions, but rare professional attempts.

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