The lost command star wars

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the lost command star wars

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command by W. Haden Blackman

Still haunted by the death of Anakin Skywalkers beloved Padmé in Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader is tasked with a mission to locate a lost Imperial expeditionary force—led by the son of Vaders rising nemesis, Moff Tarkin. But the perils of Vaders journey into the unexplored Ghost Nebula are compounded by traitors among his crew and the presence of the systems religious leader, Lady Saro.

• Collects the five-issue miniseries.

• Written by The Force Unleasheds Haden Blackman!

• Art by Rick Leonardi of Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War!
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Star Wars: Darth Vader And The Lost Command (2011) #1

Vader gets to be a badass again. Have you ever pondered, late at night, why it is that the baddest MF in the galaxy lets an old codger with high cheekbones boss him around in A New Hope? Issue 2 picks up just after the conclusion of last issue as Vader makes a deal with the mysterious woman, Lady Saro. Writer Haden Blackman ties Vader's willingness to work with the woman to a brief "what could've been" sequence with Padme, Anakin, and their would-be son, adding just a pinch of personal drama for the character. Just as in issue 1, Haden uses the flashback method sparingly, proving the rule that less is more. More importantly, Blackman begins to construct a history between Tarkin and Vader without Tarkin ever actually appearing in this issue. After extracting information from insurgents, Vader concocts an alternate plan to betray Tarkin and satisfy his own desires by getting the Emperor on board with the idea.

Vader is still haunted by recurring visions of what his life with Padme might have been like if he had not succumbed to the dark side. Now that they are being guided by the Ghost Nebula's mysterious priestess, Vader and his troops become embroiled in a disastrous battle on a tar-pit world. Worse, the hard-fought battle brings Vader no closer to locating Moff Tarkin's missing son--but it does put him in the deadly sights of a traitor! At MidAmerica Books, we have been providing free book previews to schools and libraries across the United States for 20 years. American Express MasterCard Visa. Sign In Register.

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Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #4

When it comes to the Star Wars Prequels , I have also been a long defender of them — and have never been one to fall into the anti-prequel hivemind. There are still touches of Anakin Skywalker within his personality, but in this adventure, we finally see what it is that makes him destroy his old self, why he does it, and how. The Lost Command shows us how he convinces himself Anakin is truly dead, something he abundantly believes until he comes face-to-face with his son during the events of Return of the Jedi. If you will, this is a transition story. It tells the tale of how the Darth Vader at the end of Episode III , becomes the more identifiable and recognizable adversary from the Original Trilogy. What begins as a routine mission eventually becomes a major conflict — between the encroaching Imperial services, and the indigenous Atoan populace. Things do not appear as they seem to be, and Vader must find the answers or else he may face disaster himself.

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