Beyond the spectrum a familys year confronting autism

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beyond the spectrum a familys year confronting autism

A Childs Journey Out of Autism: One Familys Story of Living in Hope and Finding a Cure by Leeann Whiffen

Told with the intensity of a medical thriller, the extraordinary story of how Clay Whiffen and his family conquered autism.

Leeann Whiffens fight for her son is a poignant, intimate story of perseverance and love - a reminder to all of us that a mother is the greatest ally a child with autism will ever have. A Childs Journey out of Autism shines a heartfelt light on a future of healing and hope.
Jenny McCarthy, author of Mother Warriors and Louder than Words

The therapy costs $30,000. Wed be mortgaging our lives and our savings on something were not even sure could help our son. But the clock is ticking: the longer we wait, the harder it will be to pull him out of this shell. How are we going to afford it? How can we not afford it?

When Clay Whiffen was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, his parents didnt know where to turn. They refused to believe that he could not be cured, and began to try every therapy they could afford - and many they couldnt. In this extraordinary story of one familys struggle with autism, Leeann Whiffen gives voice to the fear of losing a child and the fight to reclaim him, exploring what treatments eased her son Clays symptoms, where the Whiffens found support, and how the family conquered one of the toughest challenges a child can face.

With a foreword by autism specialist Dr. Bryan Jepson, A Childs Journey out of Autism spells out what treatments worked, where the family found help, and how they made it through this crushing crisis. In a time of despair and confusion - when another child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes - this is a profound, proven message of hope for anyone whose life is touched by the disorder.
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We had been down the Autism road with another child and we often reflect on the many differences and similarities between our children. Beyond the Spectrum also features Temple Grandin and Jackie McMillian both adults on the spectrum as well as the many therapies we explored that first year. We invite the audience to follow the rest of our journey to further the conversation of what Autism is, means and needs for our family and others. We used to live very conventionally, but due to health issues for myself autoimmune disorder , gut issues and having 2 children diagnosed with Autism — life had to change. We have learned that in time that our life shifts can actually bring upon changes that we never could have planned for ourselves.

Many behavioral therapies have been used to treat young children with autism spectrum disorders ASD , including Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Training. They only go so far, however. They take in what is happening around them and give it meaning, loaded with emotion. Then they behave. CBT takes into account the thoughts or cognitions we have about things, the feelings that result, and the behavior that follows. This helps them shift the way they interpret situations, how they feel about those situations, and how they respond to them.

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Ontario's Minister of Children, Community and Social Services confronted an angry crowd outside her constituency office in Ottawa today. They were protesting changes to autism funding. An emotional Lisa MacLeod told parents that the new policy is the right one and she's not backing down. No one had expected Lisa MacLeod to come out of her office and talk to the crowd. She expected and got an earful but stood firm in her conviction that this was the only way to help all the kids on the autism spectrum.

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