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Published 07.09.2019

Ni No Kuni - High lord of the fairies, mun! Episode 2

Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch Remastered Review – High Lord of JRPGS

One of the gosh-darn loveliest-looking role-playing games of recent generations, helped in no small way by having animation provided by Studio Ghibli and music from Joe Hisaishi, Level-5's adventure first released for the PlayStation 3 in before coming West in And it absolutely holds up today, too, based on the couple of hours I've played of the Switch version, on my recent commutes. Wrath of the White Witch - a remake of the first game in the Ni no Kuni series, the Japan-only Nintendo DS-exclusive Dominion of the Dark Djinn - tells the story of Oliver, a young boy whose mother spoilers, though it does happen very early on dies, but who finds himself having to travel to another world, the Ni no Kuni of the title, to help its inhabitants overcome the evil tyranny of Shadar, the Dark Djinn of the original title. But that's not all, as the remake's title should imply: there's another baddie in the mix, and she's a lot more dangerous than Shadar. While fantastical in the extreme, with its monsters and wizards and the like, Wrath of the White Witch remains remarkably grounded for a JPRG thanks to a very relatable story of loss - and the inclusion, in the English translation, of the most Welsh Welshiest?

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It's been a long time since I was so enchanted and entranced by a gameand I've only just rescued the Great Sage's daughter. The cell-shaded animation makes you feel almost as though you were in a cartoon, and the game's sterling story and excellent voice-acting though much of the dialogue is simply text makes the experience fantastically immersive. - Allie gave him to her son Oliver and after her death, is restored by Oliver's tears.

The Fairy Godmother is the sole noted female member of the Fairy race. She lives technically in the Fairyground in truth, she's much bigger than the Fairygrounds and can be seen while walking on Teeheeti. She houses the littlies baby fairies inside her and releases them, making her the mother of all fairies. The Fairy Godmother's outward appearance is of an enormous white dome with a wide grin, blue eyes with long eyelashes and pale blue eyeshadow , and trees on top of her head. Inside which is apparently her tummy , she has a main hall with doors with a slide at the end. The wall depicts a mural from day to night except for the end, which has an ocean theme. The floor is mostly pink and bouncy the other part is sandy to go with the ocean themed room.

It is even less frequent that you would hear a distinctive Welsh timbre emanating from a character within a game. As well as setting the benchmark for old-school JRPGs thus far in , Ni No Kuni is a game happy to buck both of these trends, and follows previous Level 5 classic Dragon Quest VIII in featuring a well known actor in a prominent and hugely impressive vocal role. The man in question is none other than Mr Steffan Rhodri — a thespian of some renown from the Land of Our Fathers, and veteran of a vast array of work on both stage and screen. Here is a character who engaged me from the very second he sprang into existence from his inanimate state, who was brought hilariously and touchingly to life by the talented Rhodri, his barrage of Welsh colloquialisms, put downs and jokes marking him out as easily my favourite ever character from an RPG. I was desperate to find out more about the process of voicing this charming creation, which is why I was absolutely thrilled when Steffan agreed to answer a few questions for GodisaGeek recently.

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