When did jimi hendrix die

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when did jimi hendrix die

Quote by Jimi Hendrix: “Im the one thats got to die when its time fo...”

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Was Jimi Hendrix’s Death By Overdose An Accident, A Suicide, Or Premeditated Foul Play?

One of the s' most influential guitarists, he was described by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as "arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music. For some days prior to his death, Hendrix had been in poor health, in part from fatigue caused by overwork, a chronic lack of sleep, and an assumed influenza -related illness. Insecurities about his personal relationships, as well as disillusionment with the music industry, had also contributed to his frustration. Although the details of his final hours and death are disputed, Hendrix spent much of his last day alive with Monika Dannemann. The post-mortem examination concluded that Hendrix aspirated on his own vomit and died of asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates. At the inquest , the coroner , finding no evidence of suicide, and lacking sufficient evidence of the circumstances, recorded an open verdict. Dannemann stated that Hendrix had taken nine of her prescribed Vesparax sleeping tablets, 18 times the recommended dosage.

Jimi Hendrix's Death

Police, however, say it was a drug overdose. They say he took nine sleeping pills and died of suffocation through vomit. The poem is now in the possession of Burdon, the last musician with whom Hendrix played before he died. It was a note of goodbye and a note of hello. He just decided to exit when he wanted to. The inquest was to have been held September 23rd, but the day after Burdon appeared on television, it was postponed one week. Burdon refuses to show the poem to anyone.

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