What is art of questioning

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what is art of questioning

The art of questioning by Joshua Girling Fitch

i picked up the book with much anticipation since i was exploring the theme of Effective Questioning. Its quite an old book, dating back to 1879 and that shows up in the language used. Though it didnt meet my entire expectations but i wasnt completely disappointed. The basic principles of questioning are well articulated and did make a good read. I would have loved had the book delved into more aspects of questioning but nonetheless it did provide some food for thought. A detailed review at my blog http://thinkshiksha.blogspot.in

Ignore the typos and the lingo and you would enjoy the book.
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My Perfect Class: The Art of Questioning

The Art of Questioning

Of all the skills discussed in this section, questioning, according to many science educators, is one of the most important. Teachers ask sometimes over a hundred questions in a class session to encourage student thinking. Do science teacher's questions facilitate critical and creative thinking? Are some questioning strategies more effective than others. Let's examine some aspects of the art of questioning, including: types of questions, wait time, and questioning and creativity.

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising., People begin asking questions almost as early as they begin to speak. Questions solicit information for the purpose of understanding something.

Is this an effective teaching method? Would the teaching be more engaging if the instructor were to ask you a question to ensure your comprehension? How would your classroom behavior change if the instructor asked you questions directly? What kinds of questions get you thinking about the subject on a deeper level? There seems to be a misconception among many teachers that teaching is merely passing information.

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