What happened to paul h dunn

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what happened to paul h dunn

Lying For The Lord: The Paul H. Dunn Stories by Lynn Packer

Paul H. Dunn’s meteoric rise in the leadership ranks of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) was propelled by stories he told about his World War II combat experiences and professional baseball career. Stories like the one about his Army buddy dying in his arms during the invasion of Okinawa, or how he won the first game he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals at the outset of a five-year pro career, which included pitching to baseball greats Willie Mays and Ted Williams.
The stories Dunn told, however, were not born out of hiis actual experiences, but out of his vivid imagination. They were complete fabrications that were repeated over and over, from the pulpit, in books, and on audiocassettes.
Dunn’s self-generated stardom placed him in the circle of Mormondom’s rich and famous. He hobnobbed with the likes of the singing Osmonds, sat on their company’s board of directors, and authored their official biography.
In the sports world he associated with pro quarterbacks Steve Young and Danny White, NBA player and Celtics team president Danny Ainge, and with baseball stars like Wally Joyner, Vernon Law, and Dale Murphy. Dunn also counted Utah Senator Orrin Hatch as one of his close friends. Some irreverently called Dunn the Mormon Church’s “General Authority to the stars.”Dunn did not end his self-promotion with the sales of books and tapes. He also lent his name to help promote failing, even fraudulent business ventures run by Mormon swindlers and con artists.
“Lying for the Lord” is a derisive expression widely used among many Mormon Church members to describe their leaders’ untruthful public and press statements about the dark side of their church’s history -- especially polygamy -- and about contemporary scandals.
Lying For The Lord: The Paul H. Dunn Stories is the story behind the debunking of Dunn’s stories and efforts by Dunn, his associates and church leaders to cover-up the scandal and to quash any news accounts about Dunn’s perfidy.
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Know Thyself, Control Thyself, Give Thyself

Elder Paul H. Dunn Passes Away

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Dunn's baseball and war stories had serious factual problems. The highlights of the report were that Harold Brown did not die in Dunn's arms as Dunn had repeatedly told audiences, but is still living in Odessa, Missouri; and that Dunn never played for the St. Louis Cardinals. The story was printed in newspapers across the nation and was widely discussed by the Utah Saints.

Lynn Packer, nephew of Boyd K. Dunn and discovered there to be startling concerns, not just with his storytelling but also his financial activities. In the third episode Gina interviews Lynn about the book and the life of Paul H. Dunn, his baseball and war stories, the financial fraud scandals and his efforts to protect himself from legal and ecclesiastical consequence which opens a different dimension to the life of Paul Dunn. Link to Mormon Stories Europe. I found it interesting that Packer liked Threes Company which was a American version of the UK show Man about the House, a comedy about a single man sharing a house with two women. He constantly is wanting to get into bed with one of the girls, who eventually at the end marries his brother.

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What a wonderful sight you are, my brothers and sisters. It is indeed an honor to accept an invitation to come back to this great institution. Your appearance is wonderful. Your influence is great. Your spirit is terrific. You bring to my mind a little story that one of my brethren told not long ago. It seems that a lady and her devoted husband, who had been married some forty years, had parted because of the death of the husband.

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