What to say to a bitch

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what to say to a bitch

Bitch Quotes (130 quotes)

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Published 25.09.2019

How to Say BEACH vs. BITCH and SHEET vs. SHIT -- American English

How to handle the nasty women in your life

Basic , according to the BuzzFeed quizzes and CollegeHumor videos that wrested the term from the hip-hop world and brought it into the realm of white-girl-on-white-girl insults, means someone who owns things like Uggs and North Face and leggings. She likes yogurt and fears carbs there is an exception for brunch , and loves her friends, unless and until she secretly hates them. She finds peplum flattering and long or at least shoulder-grazing hair reliably attractive. She exercises in various non-bulk-building ways, some of which have inspired her to purchase special socks for the experience. She Pins.

Not long ago I spoke to a group of high potential women in digital media about defining their personal leadership brand. I never have been. A yes. The B-word. This is difficult terrain. On the one hand, in order to get ahead, many women do need to learn to speak up and show more confidence at work. On the other, there is the risk that showing up more assertively may be misinterpreted.

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Top definition. Sometimes followed by an abrupt "OOOH" after it. Could be used as deragatory phrase against someone. Or just between two people in a conversation. OOOH" 2 "You should probably stop doing that, because it just makes you look like a good bitch.

Australian Women's Weekly. Be it at the office, the gym or the school gate, we've all encountered women who live to make others miserable. Because sadly, that nastiness we thought we said goodbye to at our high school, follows us like a bad smell through our adult life. Jordan Baker investigates the different types of mean women, and how to deal with them - one at a time. She was welcomed into the fold; her fellow students were friendly, and Vanessa seemed keen to make her feel at home.

Sometimes it happens. Or, we are standing up for ourselves or someone else. But, what do you say? That word can come off as hurtful. There is also no need to go the high road, or the low road, with the person. It is just a waste of your energy. It is all about setting a boundary but maintaining morale.

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  1. Language is one of those subjective things where the word itself often matters less than the way it's spoken and who is saying it.

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