What was the line of demarcation

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what was the line of demarcation

Postcards from the Line of Demarcation by Branch Isole

This small book of poetry a win from Goodreads First Reads Giveaway, is a wonderful delightful experience. (reading poetry always is an experience I think) Reviewing poetry is difficult because we all have different tastes and preferences.
Several of the poems stirred my conscience and reminded me of mistakes I had made in my life, things that I have regretted.
Other poems resonated with things I see and feel that I thought I was unique in feeling. For example When In ...Jr.High brings to mind a way that we, as a society, seem to more and more allow students in the name of freedom to not accept responsibiity for their actions and choices.
Other poems were sad, the saying goodbye to someone who has passed on, such as Rest in Peace.
Several poems proved to have a humorous touch such as Mute Blind Spot which really reflects how many times we just cant communicate with others although we think we are.
One favorite was Three Year Trip and the only comment I will make about that is that the end of the poem made me stand up, take notice, and feel a sense of grattitude.
Grave Situation is simply a beautiful prayer, drawing me back to it.

Reviewing poetry in some ways is like reviewing ice cream flavors.
But sometimes we grab a tasty dessert from the grocery freezer to be consumed immediately and at others we enjoy that trip to Friendlys or Baskin Robbins to make it an experience.

Branch Isoles book, for me, is like a Baskin Robbins or Friendlys Visit, with lots of different flavors to try and to savor.
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Line of Demarcation

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. By Samuel Edward Dawson, Lilt. Read May 26, The question has now been settled, but it would seem that civilization has not gained as much, during the last four hundred years, as might have been expected, inasmuch as political recklessness nearly resulted in bringing on a war between the United States and Great Britain. Patient statesmanship averted that crime and the con- troversy was at last referred to a tribunal of arbitration and a great calamity to civilization was prevented. The main object of this paper is to elucidate the line of demarca- tion drawn in between the Old World and the New by Pope Alexander VI.

The Line of Demarcation. Up to this time the two major powers exploring the world were Spain and Portugal. These nations worried that their new territories.
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On the high seas, as well as in Europe, the war between the French and English continued until the fall of - the advantage resting almost uniformly with the English. At last, on the 10th of February, , a treaty was ratified at Paris, that put an end to the American intercolonial wars. By its provisions, France gave to England all her possessions in America "east of the Mississippi, from its source to the river Iberville, and through Lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain to the Gulf of Mexico". Spain, which had also been involved in war with England, ceded East and West Florida to that country in exchange for Havanna, while France gave to Spain Louisiana, whose enormous area, it will be remembered, exceeded that of the whole surrendered territory. In Don Bernardo de Galvez, Spanish governor of Louisiana, having previously taken Mobile, besieged and captured Pensacola, thus completing the re-conquest of West Florida.

Lines of Demarcation. In , the Pope drew a line on the globe cutting the New World in half. This line was known as the Line of Demarcation. Any territory discovered on the east. Papal bulls or decrees, notably Pope Alexander VI's infamous line of demarcation for Spain and Portugal, spawned centuries of bloodshed and cruelties. Line of Demarcation , papal donation of temporal authority in the Indies to the Spanish crown. Following the successful completion of Christopher.

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