What is differentiated instruction by carol ann tomlinson

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what is differentiated instruction by carol ann tomlinson

Books by Carol Ann Tomlinson (Author of Differentiated Classroom)

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Published 01.10.2019

What is Differentiated Instructions

Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, every student has an individual learning style.
Carol Ann Tomlinson

What Is Differentiated Instruction?

By Laura Robb. Learn about differentiated instruction in the classroom with these tips and guidelines from teaching expert Laura Robb. It asks teachers to know their students well so they can provide each one with experiences and tasks that will improve learning. As Carol Ann Tomlinson has said, differentiation means giving students multiple options for taking in information Differentiating instruction means that you observe and understand the differences and similarities among students and use this information to plan instruction. Here is a list of some key principles that form the foundation of differentiating instruction. I want you also to understand why educators like Carol Ann Tomlinson, Richard Allington, and I strongly believe that instruction in reading should be differentiated.

Page 1: Defining Differentiated Instruction

In education circles, Carol Ann Tomlinson is known as the guru of differentiation. Her research-based work is in such high demand that she has made more than presentations and keynote addresses to school districts and professional associations across the country and abroad since joining the Curry School in She has authored 17 books on the topics of differentiated instruction and curriculum, some of which have been translated into twelve languages. In this Curry conversation, Tomlinson offers her take on what makes differentiation so important for students. Tomlinson: Differentiation is an instructional approach to help teachers teach with individuals as well as content in mind. Differentiation really means trying to make sure that teaching and learning work for the full range of students, which really should be our goal as teachers. Really, to me, differentiation is the common sense of saying, if we take on the responsibility of teaching, we accept the responsibility of making sure that every kid learns as well as he or she possibly can.

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  1. Shelton learns that differentiated instruction is an approach whereby teachers adjust their curriculum and instruction to maximize the learning of all students: average learners, English language learners, struggling students, students with learning disabilities, and gifted and talented students.

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