What is cleopatra most famous for

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what is cleopatra most famous for

Cleopatra Quotes (40 quotes)

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Cleopatra Biography: Ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt

She was also the last true pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra ruled an empire that included Egypt, Cyprus, part of modern-day Libya and other territories in the Middle East. Modern-day depictions of her tend to depict a woman of great physical beauty and seductive skills — indeed, her romantic involvements with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony have been immortalized in art, music and literature for centuries.

Cleopatra | 10 Facts On The Famous Egyptian Queen

After the Roman armies of Octavian the future emperor Augustus defeated their combined forces, Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide, and Egypt fell under Roman domination. Cleopatra actively influenced Roman politics at a crucial period, and she came to represent, as did no other woman of antiquity, the prototype of the romantic femme fatale. She came to represent, as did no other woman of antiquity, the prototype of the romantic femme fatale. Cleopatra inspired numerous books, plays, and movies. Cleopatra was charismatic and intelligent, and she used both qualities to further Egypt's political aims.

Early life 69—51 BC. Berenice was killed in 55 BC when the king returned to Egypt with Roman military assistance. A falling-out between them led to open civil war. Caesar attempted to reconcile the siblings. Ptolemy's chief adviser Potheinos viewed Caesar's terms as favoring Cleopatra, so his forces besieged her and Caesar at the palace. His sister Arsinoe IV was eventually exiled to Ephesus for her role in carrying out the siege.

Cleopatra was born in 70 or 69 B. Cleopatra had an eventful life in which she married both her brothers and also fought against them for the throne of Egypt; she had a relationship with Roman Dictator Julius Caesar , and after his assassination, with his friend, the Roman General Mark Antony ; and she eventually ended her life by committing suicide. Cleopatra is a famous figure in history renowned for her beauty and there are various legends related to her. Know more about the family, life, reign, relationships and death of the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator through these 10 interesting facts. Though the Romans painted her as a seducing temptress excessively indulging in alcohol, drugs and other carnal pleasures, while using her sex appeal as a political weapon, there is evidence that they were possibly exaggerating.

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Who Was Cleopatra?

Born circa 69 B. During her reign, she forged political alliances and became romantically involved with Roman military leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony , until her death in 30 B. The saga of Cleopatra's life, rife with political ambition and romantic intrigue, has been the subject of many dramatic retellings over the years.

Cleopatra is one of the best-known women in history, famed for her supposed beauty and intellect, and her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Mary Hamer argues that most of what we think we know about Cleopatra is merely the echo of Roman propaganda. Here, writing for History Extra , Hamer reveals six lesser-know facts about the Egyptian ruler…. Outside Europe, in Africa and in Islamic tradition, she was remembered very differently. Arab writers refer to her as a scholar, and years after her death a cult statue of Cleopatra was being honoured at Philae, a religious centre that also attracted pilgrims from further south, outside Egypt. In Rome this caused a scandal. This was, firstly, because Egypt and its pleasure-loving culture were despised as decadent.

Like many royal houses, members of the Ptolemaic dynasty often married within the family to preserve the purity of their bloodline. In keeping with this custom, Cleopatra eventually married both of her adolescent brothers, each of whom served as her ceremonial spouse and co-regent at different times during her reign. Roman propaganda painted Cleopatra as a debauched temptress who used her sex appeal as a political weapon, but she may have been more renowned for her intellect than her appearance. Coins with her portrait show her with manly features and a large, hooked nose, though some historians contend that she intentionally portrayed herself as masculine as a display of strength. Power grabs and murder plots were as much a Ptolemaic tradition as family marriage, and Cleopatra and her brothers and sisters were no different.

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  1. Cleopatra is one of the best-known women in history, famed for her supposed beauty and c50 BC, Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, the last and most famous of the .

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