What is a few minutes

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what is a few minutes

Relax - You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left Quotes by Loretta LaRoche

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Women who lose complete memory every few minutes - 60 Minutes Australia

Yes, the term few can refer to any quantity more than one, however it is reserved for those situations where the quantity referred to is 'relatively less than what is typically expected for the situation. And when you get right picky and a quantity for 'a few' needs to agreed upon, the traditional value is 8.

"a few minutes later" in French

Fortunately I have a few minutes to spare , so I thought I'd pitch in. Judge Hughes had not yet arrived; there were a few minutes to spare ; he used them. We made it to the game with a few minutes to spare. We made our outgoing flight with a few minutes to spare , but the whole process was very stressful. Since we like cats and had a few minutes to spare before our curtain, we stopped to chat. With a few minutes to spare before catching a train, Mrs.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Read more here. Search for more words in the Hindi-English dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. FR quelques minutes plus tard. Similar translations Similar translations for "a few minutes later" in French. French je.

For example, if someone tells you have a few options, how many do you have? If you have a couple of options, you can safely assume that you will have to choose between A and B , and only A and B. Their answers varied. Some said it meant three or four. Or maybe more.

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