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who wrote one day at a time

One Day at a Time in Al-Anon by Al-Anon Family Groups

Altho its been 30 years since I read this book it has helped me get thru many life problems. I was a Lone Member when I first read it. And, altho my alcoholic & I have since divorced, I find myself following the wisdom in my everyday life. I do have a friend who is an alcoholic, but in denial, & I am thankful that I can follow the Al-Anon principles. I no longer have my copy & have been thinking of getting another one as I am certain there are things Ive forgotten.

I would suggest that anyone who has a relative or friend, who drinks too much, to buy this book & read it.
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One day at a time (lyrics)

Netflix Cancels 'One Day at a Time'

The composer of one of the best selling gospel songs of all time Marijohn. She lives in a condominium on Music Row. Just around the corner from her office which houses Buckhorn Music, named after her son. On a warm breezy southern afternoon, with dog Misty on her lap. Irish country star Gloria began to sing it and I will never ever forget the way people stood up, joined hands and sang along with her. She hadn't introduced me to the audience yet.

One of the many reasons I was looking forward to the return of One Day at a Time was to see how it would approach the subject of sexual harassment in This is where Penelope, Elena, and Syd Sheridan Pierce — yep, Sylena are still going strong and they are adorable — step in to break the cycle of machismo that continues to be passed down not just within male Latino culture, but everywhere else. It is worth mentioning that Alex also likely learned this behavior from own father, Victor , who has exhibited this form of toxic masculinity as well. Her philosophy? What does work is Penelope, Elena, and Syd sharing their own stories of sexual harassment, which forces Alex to reconsider his not-so-harmless antics.

Writer Susan Kemp explains how the two series are landmarks for Latinx representation

By Denise Petski. Truly, I am so honored that we got to tell our stories. Yes, it was a Latinx family, but it was universal story about family and love.

Pop-culture criticism in comes with a handful of recurring buzzwords: Representation. We use them so often they tend to lose their meaning — that is, until a movie, episode, or song comes around and hits us like a sucker punch. So, with that in mind, they were never going to feel truly revelatory or hit that sweet spot of something being funny because it feels so, so true. Instead, it came in the form of a little show called Vida, whose second season premiered this week. The story follows Emma Mishel Prada and Lyn Melissa Barrera Hernandez, two estranged-ish sisters who are reuniting in their hometown after the passing of their mother, Vida. Shit gets awkward fast. Apparently Vida, a staunch Catholic like any good Latina mama, apparently had a wife she forgot to mention.

The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories. The streaming giant seemed to be emphasizing the importance of shows like One Day at a Time —which follows the adventures of a Cuban-American family, a typically underrepresented demographic on television—while simultaneously washing its hands of this particular series. But there is hope for the series yet. A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed the offer to Vanity Fair. Adopting One Day at a Time would make sense for CBS All Access for a number of reasons—particularly because the streaming platform appears to be distinguishing itself from its sister broadcast network by stocking up on shows with diverse casts. CBS has been repeatedly called out for the historic lack of diversity in its programming.

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  1. "One Day at a Time" is a popular Country and Western-style Christian song written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson. It has been recorded by over

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