From which direction sun rises in india

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from which direction sun rises in india

Sunrise Quotes (197 quotes)

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Where Do the Sun and Stars Rise?

But have you ever wondered why the Sun behaves this way? Why does — and always has, for that matter — the Sun rise in the east and set in the west? What mechanics are behind this? Naturally, ancient people took the passage of the Sun through the sky as a sign that it was revolving around us. With the birth of modern astronomy, we have come to learn that its actually the other way around. The Sun only appears to be revolving around us because our planet not only orbits it, but also rotates on its axis as it is doing so. From this, we get the familiar passage of the Sun through the sky, and the basis for our measurement of time.

If the answer is an unqualified yes, then this story would not be worth reading. And if it is in the negative, it fouls with our primary school teaching. Permit me to mention that direction of the Sunrise and the Sunset varies with the latitude and changes with the seasons. The extreme deviations are observed during what is called the Solstice days. This year the winter solstice was on 21st December. If this issue attracts your attention, get up in the morning and point a compass towards the East.

The sun appears to rise on the eastern horizon and sets on the western horizon. How much does the location of the sun rising and setting change throughout the year and depending upon where your viewpoint is, i. Irrespective of where you are on the globe, the Sun will always rise exactly East and set exactly West on two days: March 21 and September 21 which are the two equinoxes. As to the second part, it is a little complicated:. Consider an arbitrary location on Earth to make matters simple, consider a place in the northern hemisphere.


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