Story behind mona lisa smile

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story behind mona lisa smile

The Wander Society by Keri Smith

verb  /ˈwän-dər/
to walk/explore/amble in an unplanned or aimless way with a complete openness to the unknown
Several years ago when Keri Smith, bestselling author of Wreck This Journal, discovered cryptic handwritten notations in a worn copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, her interest was piqued. Little did she know at the time that those simple markings would become the basis of a years-long, life-changing exploration into a mysterious group known only as The Wander Society, as well as the subject of this book.

Within these pages, you’ll find the results of Smith’s research: A guide to the Wander Society, a secretive group that holds up the act of wandering, or unplanned exploring, as a way of life. You’ll learn about the group’s mysterious origins, meet fellow wanderers through time, discover how wandering feeds the creative mind, and learn how to best practice the art of wandering, should you choose to accept the mission.
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The Secret Behind Mona Lisa's Smile

The secret behind the Mona Lisa smile

The most famous part of the Mona Lisa is, as you can probably guess, her smile. This is the smile that has gone down in history for being strange and unusual, and one of the most striking ever. There have been rumors abound concerning the Mona Lisa smile, and many have come up with theories as to why the smile is the way it is. But, actually, there is a science behind it; Leonardo Da Vinci, genius that he was stood astride art and science, and regularly combined the two. And Da Vinci applied his love of science to his magnum opus, to give us the most intriguing and fascinating of smiles. When looking at the Mona Lisa, it feels like she reacts to our gaze, with a coy, knowing smile hinting at some deeper thought beneath the surface.

The 16th-century portrait Mona Lisa , or La Gioconda La Joconde , painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci , has been the subject of a considerable deal of speculation. It has for a long time been argued that after Leonardo's death the painting was cut down by having part of the panel at both sides removed. Early copies depict columns on both sides of the figure. Only the edges of the bases can be seen in the original. The latter view was bolstered during and when an international team of 39 specialists undertook the most thorough scientific examination of the Mona Lisa yet undertaken.

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L eonardo da Vinci liked to think that he was as good at engineering as he was at painting, and though this was not actually the case nobody was as good at engineering as he was at painting , the basis for his creativity was an enthusiasm for interweaving diverse disciplines. With a passion both playful and obsessive, he pursued innovative studies of anatomy, mechanics, art, music, optics, birds, the heart, flying machines, geology, and weaponry. He wanted to know everything there was to know about everything that could be known.

Mona Lisa posed with a dark smile because she was married off to a slave trader at just 15, a new book which investigated her family background suggests. They suggest he was likely involved in trading the excess number of women he shipped into Florence before and after he married Ms Gherardini in Her marriage to the wealthy merchant spawned a life of riches that was also chequered with scandal. Her husband feared for his business and standing in Florence and bolstered his support for the pair. They assured him their relationship sound — but they secretly mocked him for his show of weakness.

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